The rising popularity of different social media platforms indicates how obsessed our youth is with different social media platforms. Right from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, BIGO Live, Snapchat. In this article, we are going to take a look at the BIGO Live app and the different safety aspects related to its use. 

BIGO Live 

Let’s start by taking a good look at the new social media sensation BIGO Live and what this social media platform is all about. BIGO Live is basically a live video streaming platform that is free to use. This platform allows its users to start a live video stream with just one click as they use the Bigo live application on their compatible devices. 

Users can also do video calls with random strangers using different video filters through which you can change your appearance and voice. This feature is quite similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories as well. Moreover, the group video call option is also there, which allows you to add up to 9 people in your group chat. 

Besides all this, joining a live stream channel is also possible where you can connect with your favorite streamer and send him gifts in the form of beans to show your support. These beans are available on the app as you can buy them and gift them to any of the streamers or broadcaster. These beans can also be exchanged for real money as well by the streamers or they can use them to switch to premium BIGO Live accounts.

Why BIGO Live Is Popular?

Since it is really easy to share and connect with your followers and your favorite stream on BIGO live, everyone out there is quite fascinated and happy with the use of this app. Moreover, online video streaming is now one of the most powerful marketing tools that are used by different businesses and marketing agencies. 

For instance, popular brands can easily connect with their fans and potential buyer with the help of BIGO Live as they share their new products. This will allow them to get instant feedback on their products so that they can save their time and money with the development of their final product. 

Additionally, you get to easily communicate with strangers around you, allowing you to connect and talk to them seamlessly through video calling with ease. 

Tips To Ensure Your Online Safety

BIGO Live is an application that is rated 12+ on Play Store and 17+ on the App Store, making it clear that this application is not intended for small kids. Considering this, it is really important for parents to ensure the online safety of their kids as they use this amazing and fun application. Here, there are certain things that parents need to do in order to make sure their kids have a safe and fun experience on platforms like BIGO Live. 

  • Talk To Your Kids

It is really important for parents to talk to their kids about the potential threats and issues that they might face on BIGO Live application as this is an open platform with millions of users around the globe. Moreover, they should talk to them about certain situations like cyberbullying that they might encounter while browsing through the application. 

This way they will be able to face any issue more effectively. 

  • Monitor Their Activities

Parental control is a really great way to ensure the safety of your kids as they browse different websites. There are different third-party software that can be used by parents in order to monitor the activities of their kids as they browse the BIGO Live application. 

With these easy steps parents can ensure a completely safe BIGO Live experience for their kids. Moreover, the age verification system of the application is also there to make sure that underage kids do not get access to BIGO Live. 

Parting Words

After going through the application, we can say that BIGO Live is a perfectly fine and safe social platform on which the youth can share their live videos, chat with one another, and connect with their favorite stream with ease. Since BIGO Live is completely free, everyone out there can enjoy this fun and entertaining platform.