With LLC services being an optimal alternative to the DIY route when giving your business a legal form, not all of them are the same. To be more specific, all of them are different, mainly in how they do their job. Thus, some older services are backed by decades of experience and prove to be highly proficient, yet lack technological efficiency in practice and fail to meet some modern business needs. Meanwhile, other services offer advanced technological solutions striving to keep up with the hectic modern life and often outcompete their rivals. The same is true for the BetterLegal LLC service. And if you wonder whether it’s worth hiring this company for legal assistance, we are here to help.

What Does BetterLegal Do?

BetterLegal is a relatively new name in the industry. Yet, new doesn’t mean unknown or unpopular. Launched in 2016, BetterLegal managed to carve themselves a place on the top of the legal service Olympus and become one of the leading names in the niche of business formation. And it’s worth noting that such an impressive success and popularity are not for nothing. Making use of other companies’ experience, BetterLegal put the whole process on a solid technological footing to make it as simple and fast for the customer as possible. And they really excel in this concern, we must admit. They promise to form an LLC or corporation within 2 business days, and they live up to this promise. For this filing speed alone, they deserve to be one of the best LLC formation services for now. 

BetterLegal Services

To learn about BetterLegal’s advantages and disadvantages in detail, you can check this comprehensive BetterLegal review. And to give you a general vision, we’ll make a quick overview of the services provided by this company. 

From the start, Betterlegal is a one-stop shop for business formation services. They deliver not only a complete filing package but also quite a number of extras to help you maintain your business or tackle some specific business-related issues. And all those features come in their single service package, in contrast to the usual three or more service plans you’ll come across with their competitors. Charging $299 to register an LLC, Better Legal stands at the higher price end, or at least it looks so at a glance. However, for this price, the company offers much more than basic document filing. For a flat rate, the package services of Betterlegal include:

  • Preparation and filing of Articles of Organisation;
  • Registering your company EIN with the IRS;
  • Drafting an Operating Agreement and other company bylaws;
  • Preparing a Banking resolution to open a business bank account;
  • Providing a hosting domain and creating a basic structure for your business website; 
  • Tax analysis and insurance evaluation performed by BetterLegal third-party partners. 

Many of these features come as payable add-ons in other services. So, the BetterLegal service bundle is one of the most comprehensive for sure. However, it’s worth noting that one essential feature is still lacking. It’s a registered agent service crucial for most business owners. Adding it to your formation plan will boost the final cost up to $389. And even in this case, what you’ll get for this money is more than many other legal providers can offer for the same price. 

BetterLegal Key Values

All online LLC services have their pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses. BetterLegal is not an exception in this concern. Certainly having some weak points, it has a number of solid fortes that sell the service to multiple customers and let it confidently stand against its peers. 

Quick Turnaround Times

While most formation services offer to expedite filing at extra cost, and most often, you’ll have to pay a considerable amount for that, BetterLegal prices cover the fastest filing speed by default. The company has made quick turnaround times its major perk and this is what gives it an edge even over the industry leaders. Claiming to be faster, easier, and cheaper, they’ll take you through the order application process within mere minutes and bring back your formation documents in two business days. 

Transparent Pricing

Though their formation package looks pretty expensive and doesn’t comprise the LLC registered agent service, BetterLegal stands out for clear pricing. When opening an LLC with them, you won’t be forced into countless upsells on the way, nor will they sell to you any services you don’t actually need. More than that, the cost of the registered agent service is fairly competitive at $90. 

Valuable Add-ons Bundled

Many valuable and significant features such as EIN, an operating agreement, and a website domain that are additionally charged by most other LLC services are already included in the BetterLife formation package. By doing so, they’ve embraced crucial necessities of business formation and maintenance and save you any unexpected added expenses. 

Is BetterLegal the Right Choice for You?

Is this service the right choice for me? It’s a question any customer asks launching on a search for an online formation assistant. In our opinion. BetterLegal has a lot going for it to become a winning choice for pretty much any customer. Cost-wise and clear pricing along with by far the fastest turnaround times in the industry make them an all-in-one solution both for beginner entrepreneurs and for experienced businessmen seeking to register a legal entity within the shortest time frame possible. 

Looking at this company from the quality and safety point of view, multiple positive BetterLegal reviews speak for themselves. Most of the comments come from happy customers and score 5-star ratings. The users specify fast filling speed, responsive support, extreme ease of use, and helpful extras. So, it’s no wonder BetterLegal has been Better Business Bureau accredited with an A+ BBB rating.

Despite the fact that the service is completely virtual (that makes it accessible any time and from anywhere, though), you won’t be left on your own. Not only are online forms accompanied by detailed and comprehensible instructions but also there is an online chat customer service available 24/7 where you can get answers from experienced help reps. Besides, a whole lot of valuable info is in free access on the website as well as an extensive FAQ section covering most of the issues that can arise while launching an LLC.

Final Thoughts

BetterLegal is a sort of new word in the industry. Implementing the latest technological achievements, they’ve brought online LLC service to yet another level making it more feasible and super easy to use. Their promised turnaround times are real and hard to beat. And predominantly positive reviews alone are a solid selling point. This company proves that new is sometimes better than time-tested.