Silent Hill is one of the most popular games and several rumors about the game have resurfaced in the market. However, there is much more validity regarding the information that is there about the game on the internet. Assuming all these new reports to be true, this summer, a new game from the Silent Hill series could be unveiled by Konami. However, Konami is not the one creating the game this time.

AS reported by VGC, Konami is looking to finally reveal a new Silent Hill game in the upcoming months. There’s an outside studio that is actually developing the game rather than Konami’s team. The report has no mention of the studio that could be leading this project, but it is speculated that it’s a Japanese company. And these days you can have a lot of fun without leaving your house and there are only advantages to doing so. Basically, you just need to register at a casino and enjoy the online casino bonus from  they will have already available for you. It’s definitely worth it and you’ll surely love how you can have plenty of fun through an online casino without your money. Make sure you register at the best casino you find and start playing as soon as possible.

According to a recent interview with the CEO of Bloober Studios, Piotr Babieno, the Bloober Team is currently working on a brand new title with another popular gaming studio. Konami is one of the most popular gaming studios out there is assumed to be the gaming studio that is working with the Bloober team. Moreover, Bloober is not a Japanese studio, which is why everyone is wondering whether multiple Silent Hill games will be launched this summer or not.

Evidently, there are multiple unanswered questions but considering the track record of VGC when it comes to reporting, we can expect a new Silent Hill game this year.

Silent Hill games have been highly famous worldwide, mostly due to the theme of these games. That’s why there are plenty of people who love them. However, these aren’t a game for everyone. So, if you think you’re not able to deal with the horror of it, then don’t play them. However, those who like horror will surely enjoy it. Many of those who have already played the previous Silent Hill games, is love the new one when it comes out.

It seems like Konami isn’t developing this new Silent Hill game, which is a shame. However, if it’s developed by a good company, then it’s just as good. There is no idea about which company is developing the game but soon everyone will know which one. There should be a press release regarding the game and its launching.

If you haven’t had the chance to play the previous Silent Hill video games, then that’s a good idea for you to do, especially if you’re into horror-themed games. These will definitely leave you with a lot of suspense and you’ll scream of fear on some parts. Play them alone, in the dark, and during the nighttime. You’ll love the experience. This, of course, if you’re not a fearful person and if you like doing this.

These games, which are many, are incredible and highly playable. Give them an opportunity and you’ll surely enjoy them. They are available for most platforms, so you can play them on your computer, XBOX, and also Playstation 4. For now, that’s all. The most recent ones have outstanding graphics and very great stories and you’ll like these. They’re very easy to play and very scary if that’s something you’re into.