The Indian Premier League is known for helicopter shots and big hits. Every season we witness some splendid shots that make us wonder where did the ball go? With more than 207 sixes, this season is a roller coaster for every cricket enthusiast.


In the span of 52 matches, one can witness many sixes this year. However, in this piece, I am mentioning the five biggest sixes up till now. The IPL 2021 betting has become a raging trend; people are trying the online platform, winning cash prizes, and offering discount offers every day.

Here are the five highest and most prominent sixes of this season mentioned to decrease to increasing order.

1. Abdul Samad- 93m

Abdul Samad’s name won’t come as a shock after witnessing his performance in last year’s IPL tournament. He is just nineteen with a one-of-a-kind batting ability. He slammed a 93 m six against Pat Cummins. In the SRH’s introductory match, he came down in the 18th and played over the top international bowler and hit two sixes, which made him starred in the list.

However, the cameo performance did not come out as a winning stroke and made SRH lose the first match. With such outstanding performance, there are chances we can see him hitting back-to-back shots shortly. Parimatch IPL can be your online betting partner that helps you win substantial cash prizes based on pure instincts and calculations.

2. Manish Pandey- 96m

It wasn’t a good start for Sunrisers Hyderabad, as they lost their first match. But one of his top-order batsman Manish Yadav also secured his place on the list. Manish Yadav smacked a 96 m six against pace bowler Washington Sundar. In the seventh over, Manish Yadav slammed the iconic six and showed his capabilities. IPL betting parimatch is the safest way to invest some money and see it doubling in a flick.

However, he departed after scoring mere 38 runs and faced 39 balls in the second match. SRH lost the match by six runs as their batting performance was not up to the standards. Let’s hope this season Manish Pandey comes in the best form and hits more sixes like this to make SRH win. Go for online IPL betting; they are the lowest-risk investment, as the investment stays nominal.

3. Suryakumar Yadav- 99m

Suryakumar Yadav has been one of the best Mumbai Indians batsmen. Yadav’s ability to play independent shots makes him unique as a hitter. His unique abilities have led him to be the third biggest six of the IPL 2021 tournament. The fierce striker stroked the biggest six against Pat Cummins to prove his mastery of the craft. Interestingly, his six got registered in Mumbai Indian’s fifth match and second match of the tournament. Online IPL betting 2021 is an ongoing trend, and following it will profit you.

The shot even impressed the national hitter Hardik Pandya; he went for this shot on the fifth ball of the ninth over. MI won the match by 10 runs, and this superstar stole the limelight. Parimatch IPL betting is an authorized betting site that also offers safe transaction platforms.

4. Glen Maxwell- 100m

The ‘Big show’ never fails to show off his skill and is nicknamed for a reason. He went off the boundaries with a 100 m shot and kept his internationally acclaimed title intact. He went for the shot on the first of the season against Mumbai Indian bowler Krunal Pandya. The Australian player took the shot on the 16th delivery when he was 18. He is a good player to bet at online IPL betting.

Glen Maxwell scored 39 runs in 28 balls, and this had boosted RCB’s battling spirit, making it the winner of the match. He has continued to give a constant knock and is one of the best all-rounders of the season. Looking forward to many great hits! Do not forget to check IPL online betting and get lucky instantly.

5. Kieron Pollard- 105m

Pollard’s brute strength is well known to every cricket enthusiast, so registering the biggest shot isn’t a matter of shock at all. He is resting on the top with a record 105m high shot. Kieron Pollard went for this site against the Sunriser Hyderabad bowler Mujeeb Ur Rahman.

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Everyone loves when the ball gets over the rooftop or crosses the vision limit of us. The excitement goes off the beat with high sixes, the atmosphere of the stadium changes instantly as the cheering changes to chanting.

Enjoy the IPL season with parimatch ipl betting and see how many lucky shots do you hit before Maxwell.