How to get storage on my iPad or iPhone? Every time you need to transfer a large file into your iPhone or iPad, you will have to delete stuff to free up storage for your iPhoneor iPad in case that your devices storage is almost full.If you have been facing these problems,you’ve come to the right place as this article will tell you a simple and easy-to use FREE iPhone cleaner to save your trouble.So let’s get to it.

Below I will tell you how to use this app to free up storage for your iPhone or iPad within 1 minute.

How to use this FREE iPhone cleaner?

Step 1:

Download and install the iPhone Storage Cleaner on your Windows or Mac and that’s pretty much the major task. Following that, just connect your iOS device to the PC(I use a PC) on which you installed the software.

Step 2:

This FREE iPhone cleaner will then scan your iPhone and display all the files that can be deleted to free up space on your iPhone.

Step 3:

Select which of these files you’d like to not be on your iPhone or iPad anymore and this software will help you to delete them instantly.

Step 4:

Click the Clean button to free up your iPhone storage. After thecleaning, it will tell you how much space has been released and how much more can also be released. You can click the button Rescan to continue.


More Features for Cleaning Your iPhone Storage:

  • Cleans more than 30 types of junk files from your device. Also removes app caches, cookies, temp files, crash logs, user storage files, corrupted files, camera roll, photo stream, photo library cache and many more files.
  • Facing the “not enough storage on iPhone” issue? This Free iPhone cleaner solves your issue by deleting the unused apps with your permission of course. Not all apps on our phone are used frequently by us and some of them just sit idle, occupying the storage. The software lists the apps and the amount of storage they occupy, so you can decide which ones to delete.
  • This Free iPhone Cleaner works with different versions of Windows such as Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista and also Mac. The trial version of the software lets you free try out it before you decide to register it.
  • Get the Pro version of this software (Wins & Mac both compatible) to clean up your iPhone Space with $19.95, 35% off!


This software for cleaning iPhone storage is one of the best and the simplest apps I have used. You can free up iPhone or iPad space just at a click and all the files are backed up on your computer before they are deleted.

So far this is mybest way to help solve my problem of iPhone or iPad storage full.What’s your solution? Get back to us in the comments below ad stay tuned for more.