Although the stable version is set to show up in Q3 2017, iPhone and iPad users are quite excited about the upcoming iOS 11. Showcased during the WWDC 2017, this might seem to be a minor update at the first look. However, both iPhone and iPad are going to have what we find as incredible features through this update. Easy multi-tasking, multi-window drag-and-drop support and Live Photos are just some of the few features from a huge list. Considering all these, we believe that most of you would be quick-enough to upgrade to iOS 11 when it launches — are we right or are we right? But, have you thought about coming across a failure when you are upgrading to a newer version of iOS?

iOS Upgrading Issues & Fixing Them

Apple always tries to make iOS upgrades as easy as a piece of cake. Even so, there are situations when things can go wrong. We have experienced this mostly in case of beta upgrades. As you know, Apple releases beta-level upgrades for feedback purposes. There will be developer previews and public previews, for which you can sign up and receive according updates. There can be various reasons why your iOS upgrade fails in a very dangerous manner.

It can sometimes be caused by corrupted data downloads. Before your iPhone or iPad is upgraded to iOS 11, a bunch of files are downloaded. If there isanything wrong with even a single file, the upgrading process can face big issues. Sometimes, the error will be regarding processing aspect. In most cases, its aftermath can be quite dangerous. You might even become unable to use your iPhone or iPad. Even if you get your phone up and running, the failurecan destroy all your data.

In short, iOS Update Failures can be quite dangerous for common users, not to mention the recovery process from the situation. And, that is where we need a dedicated solution for fixing and recovering data from iOS devices.

PhoneRescue — an Apparently-Ultimate Solution for iOS Data Recovery

iMobie PhoneRescue is exactly what you need during iOS upgrade failures. It’s an all-in-one utility software, which you can use for recovering lost/deleted data from iPhone and iPad. In addition to standard recovery of data, it offers a dedicated section for iOS Repair as well. iOS Repair, here, means the fixing process you’d need for getting over iOS upgrade failures. If you think PhoneRescue is a simple data recovery tool, you are wrong — there are multiple big and small features that you might need.

PhoneRescue is available for free and you can download it from official website of iMobie. If you think you’d love its complete features, just go ahead and purchase the full version. It’s simple and if you have an iPhone or iPad that’s struck in Apple Logo, Recovery Loop or data break due to update failure, PhoneRescue is going to be your savior.

How PhoneRescue Fixes iOS Update Failures and Recovers Data

Suppose you came across an iOS Update Failure while upgrading to iOS 11. The best way to get out of trouble is to depend on PhoneRescue. First of all, you need to connect your broken iPhone via USB. According to the type of upgrade error, your phone can be in Recovery Loop, Black Screen or Apple Logo Screen. In any case, the connection should be done using USB.

You have to choose iOS Repair from the Recovery Modes menu and proceed further. In the coming steps, it will ask you to download some firmware packages and to press some button. Before you do those, be sure to choose the Advanced Mode of iOS Repair. This way, you can repair your iPhone/iPad without getting the data erased.

Once you have selected the device name and model, PhoneRescue will do the rest. It takes just a few minutes to download, install and repair your iOS device — and you get a more or less fresh device. Isn’t that great?

Let’s Talk about Standard Recovery

PhoneRescue can be used for standard data recovery apart from iOS Upgrade failure fixes. You might have lost some data without your full knowledge, right? You know, pressing the delete button accidentally or something like that. Its best part is that you can restore data from your iPhone, iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup. It all happens like simple clockwork and you don’t even need technical proficiency for this. You just have to connect the device or provide login credentials for proceeding.

  • The Thing about Recovering Accidentally-Deleted Data

As far as accidental data recovery is concerned, the possibilities are huge. You can recover variety of data — including Photos, Messages, Contacts, Call History, Voicemail, Calendar Entries, Videos, Reminders& Notes. You don’t need to copy-paste data again. All the recovered data will be directly added back to your iPhone or iPad. This is something great, provided the features for previewing files before you recover them. Thanks to the wonderful algorithms in use, iMobie PhoneRescue also offers the best recovery rates.

  • Recovering Data from External Sources like iTunes Backup

Coming to restoring data from external sources, you can count in support for iTunes Backup and iCloud. You can recover data in bulk or selectively — purely your choice. Also, a recently-added feature in PhoneRescue lets you recover app data as well. You can recover PDF documents, photos and other stuff you received via social media apps or others. In case of unexpected device breakdowns and factory resets, all these features will be damn helpful.

Last but not least, PhoneRescue is trusted by thousands and the software really values user privacy. You DO NOT have to worry about getting your recovered data leaked. That’s something awesome for a recovery app, don’t you think?

The Bottom Line

Don’t you think that PhoneRescue is the best way to get rid of iOS 11 Upgrade issues and accidental deletion of data? We felt that the software is really easy to use and offers many features. Even for a paid software, it is something commendable. It doesn’t matter what and how you want to recover from an iPhone or iPad, it works seamlessly. It’s the reason why we recommend PhoneRescue for almost every iOS data loss and blank screen issue, you know!

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