Amazon has become the foremost ecommerce platform in the world. Not only for online shopping but for the vast array of opportunities offered by the platform. Thousands of online merchants now reach a larger audience from different parts around the world.

However, due to the increasing level of competition on the platform, merchants are now seeking means to get an edge that can help offer an edge. This often involves monitoring the latest trends and developments on Amazon while carrying out other optimization practices on your products.

Currently, there are several software tools that can help with this. IO Scout and Helium 10 are two of these software tools used by Amazon sellers to optimize their product sales. However, there are several controversies on which of both tools is better.

This article highlights the features of both software to compare using certain vital parameters.

Helium 10 Vs. IO Scout: What Are IO Scout And Helium 10?

For people who might not be familiar with Amazon software tools, Helium 10 and IO Scout are set of software tools designed to help Amazon sellers carry out a range of functions. These functions range from finding the right products to sell to monitoring the right metrics needed to make the best business decisions. These tools also allow you to monitor the performance of your sales and your profit per time.

These tools also offer some optimization features, like finding the best keywords to make your product visible online.

Price Comparison

IO Scout offers users three paid packages;

  • Start-up
  • Seller, and
  • Business

For new sellers, the Start-up plan is recommended. The plan is offered at only $45/month. The seller, however, is more suitable for more experienced sellers and is available for $65/month. This plan can be used to track up to 45 items and also find up to 45 keywords. However, for big businesses and sellers, the business plan is the most suitable. The plan costs $85/month. And people who buy the annual subscription get 62.5%.

Helium 10 also offers three paid plans and a free plan. However, the free package has limited features. The Helium 10 Platinum package for beginners’ costs $97/month and $970 annually. The Diamond plan costs $197/month and $1970 annually, while the Elite Package, which is designed for top sellers on Amazon, is available at $397/month. This plan does not have an annual subscription plan.

IO Scout is better than Helium 10 with respect to price. IO Scout is offered at a lower price compared to Helium 10 and even comes with a larger discount on the annual plan.


. Product Research and Tracking

With respect to the features offered by both software, IO Scout is reputed for being efficient in finding the most profitable items for sale. IO Scout allows you to scan over 200 million items on Amazon with access to real-time information. This allows you to efficiently determine the potential of any product at any point in time. IO Scout updates this database every hour so you can be sure of up-to-date info with IO Scout.

With IO Scout, you can also select your preferred category. This helps you quickly find the items that meet up with your specifications easily. There are several filters also put in place to make your search easy. IO Scout also has a product tracker feature that helps save specified products for analysis later. The details of these products are updated hourly, and each product’s historical data can also be assessed later.

Helium 10, however, also offers a tool for picking the right items called Black box. There are over 450 million items in the database of the Black box. You can use filters to search for filtered items from this database. Some of the filters available include prices, sales, and reviews, etc.

While both tools are popular for product selection, IO Scout product research tool offers better accuracy.

. Keyword Tool

Using the right keywords is vital to optimizing your sales. All you need to provide is a seed word and find the relevant keywords to choose from. A lot of Amazon sellers often used this tool for keyword generation.

Cerebro, Frankenstein, and Magent are three of the tools offered by Helium 10 that can help with keyword research. All you need to do is provide the ASIN or a seed word.

. FBA Calculator

With an FBA calculator, you can get appropriate insight into your estimated income, especially the costs associated with Amazon FBA. IO Scout allows users to calculate the FBA of any item within minutes while Helium 10 calculates all the profit by subtracting all the costs (FBA inclusive)

. Sales Estimator

IO Scout also gives you some insight into your sales performance. Especially considering the BSR. Helium 10 gives users some monthly sales estimates.

. Chrome Extension

Both software tools can be added to your browser as an extension. This way, users can analyze directly from web pages.

Unlike most other Amazon research tools, both Helium 10 and IO Scout provide an efficient and straight-forward option to consider to product research and tracking. IO Scout is perfectly suited for online and retail arbitrage, private labels, and drop-shipping. However, IO Scout is said to have better data accuracy with respect to other similar tools.

You can also connect other users with your IO Scout research account. All these fantastic features make IO Scout the preferred option for most Amazon sellers, especially in comparison to Helium 10.