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Introducing Multivariate Marketing 

Introducing Multivariate Marketing

It’s always a hard task to figure out which marketing techniques are the best, and oftentimes it requires a tedious routine of trial and error. With multivariate marketing, the process of testing various advertisement techniques is enhanced by using a number of marketing methods as tests in order to determine what types of advertisements are best for varying markets. By analysing the variables such as age, gender, ethnicity, and income, marketers can make better decisions as to what kind of advertisements are most efficient for marketing their products.

Multivariate Vs. Other Methods


The multivariate marketing technique strongly opposes other marketing strategies such as the Exhibit A and Exhibit B test. In other words, instead of presenting one group of consumers with advertisement Exhibit A and the second group of consumers with advertisement Exhibit B and drawing conclusions from the respective groups, multivariate marketing methods are not limited to just one study. Some methods include cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, and multidimensional scaling. Having a variety of methods to use as tests provides marketers with a number of results that they can study which include a larger quantity of differing variables. In conclusion, the multivariate method gives the marketers far more telling information than the Taguchi Method.

The Aftermath

So what comes next after the tests have been run and the data has been gathered? Charting is the age-old way to keep data organised in a easily accessible way so that the analysts can study their figures without worrying about disarrayed information. Their data is imputed into a chart after it is translated into numbers, and then the line is drawn. Anyone who has studied statistics will recognise the linear chart that indicates increases and decreases shown in case studies. By following this line, analysts can connect which variables share a certain constant. In other words, the line will indicate the relation of consumer habits to the consumers and give the marketers a possible reason for why some consumers might be attracted to specific advertisements. This information could be gold for markers as it gives them a better idea as to what their consumers might prefer in advertisements. Creating more attractive ads will lure in consumers more accurately as these advertisements are created with specific consumers in mind.

Multivariate Marketing On the Web

The worldwide web is every marketer’s biggest target. With access to people from different countries, marketers have the potential to reach a much larger consumer audience. As well as that, different cultures might be interested in different products. Being able to market online means that the data the marketers collect will tell them a lot about various countries. Working on a computer also provides the marketers with facilitating programs that do the hard work for them. In other words, the programs are set up so that they can organise information and even analyse it. Gathering and organising data that has been acquired through he multivariate methods can be awful tedious and complicated as the numbers could be endless, but with these specialty programs, the job becomes quick and accurate. Working online is the most efficient and enhanced way to use the multivariate methods. It is a marketer’s dream.

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