Establishing a stable communication channel is important in any business. What to say about a team of programmers, where any action of any member of a team should be coordinated with others. And a single message being lost in the communication channel may lead to the failure of the whole system. Deploy notifications and status reports should be timely delivered with no hold ups and delays. Therefore, it is critically important to establish a stable communication channel that will properly work on any device and at any hour of the day.

Instant messages by Intis Telecom

This is where the service of instant messages by Intis Telecom is highly needed. Apart from a simple message sending function, possesses a range of other unique features. Hence, with the help of the service, the user can create and send HLR requests, use any widgets for smooth integration with any CMS, and debug any software solutions. On the top of that, Intis Telecom works with hundreds biggest GSM and CDMA mobile operators around the world, which provides for the proper work of a service.

Intuitive platform

The solution can be used in all the business fields and areas. Being a highly intuitive platform, it can be applied by developers of any level and with any experience (like junior, middle or senior). But if you still face any problem with using the service, the company have professional and easy-to-reach-out customer support and service.

Multi-purpose Software by Intis Telecom

The service can be used as a single communication channel integrated into all environments and solutions in any big company or corporation. A good thing here is that a solution is easy to start with. Owing to the intuitive web-based interface, you can start texting any message of your team even if you do not have any coding experience. Besides, the service provides high distribution speed with no restrictions and at affordable costs.

Anyone can use the service for

  • Sending notifications, reports, messages;
  • Creating and monitor the status of requests;
  • Tracking workflows within the team of programmers;
  • Contacting a group of people in a click;
  • Having a message delivered in a few seconds;
  • Creating SMS API gateway;
  • Debugging own software solutions.

In other words, if you need a smart solution for having your messages sent to the wide audience, Intis Telecom will help you with the quality software. Easy integration and unlimited testing access are what you can benefit from. The company is already serving over 500 businesses all over the world, which is definitely a good sign.