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Top 5 Reasons To Opt For A Proxy Server 

The internet may have connected the entire world into a single global unit; however, it also brought many issues such as lesser user privacy and threat to personal data and identity. To tackle all these problems smartly, web proxies were introduced as intermediates that lie…


Beginner’s Guide To The Dark Web 

When you hear the term ”dark web”, what comes to mind? Let us guess: a top-secret browsing platform only accessible to the highest-ranking criminals. Well, there are indeed a lot of criminals on the dark web. However, it’s not as top-secret and inaccessible as you…


Is It Legal To Download YouTube Videos? 

YouTube offers tons of videos on the platform that users can watch without paying even a single penny. There are several content creators that post informational content on the platform. However, sometimes, people want to download the video content. So, the billion-dollar question is that…