This article is all about choosing and installing CCTV systems and various tips when going about this process. It includes some information on the various types of CCTV devices and the benefits of using this type of technology.


CCTV is found almost everywhere in the UK. It is used for both security and safety purposes, protecting people and businesses from harm or criminal activity. It can detect the last steps of a missing person and can therefore be very useful to police in helping to find out what has happened. The technology can also help to prevent crimes from occurring, such as burglary and assault, or to identify a criminal if an incident has taken place. The footage can even be used in court as evidence to help bring about a conviction, so it has high value.

CCTV is widely used in retail environments to help prevent and detect theft from taking place. It can also be used to monitor staff and ensure they are working properly, as well as being used for training purposes for things such as health and safety. There are many benefits to CCTV, so it is a worth investment for many businesses. It is also found in street areas to help monitor public safety and an increasing number of homeowners are also installing the systems to help protect their property and family. It may make them feel safer in their homes as it can put criminals off from targeting them over a different property.

Many developed countries are now upgrading their systems to HD versions as these have many benefits over analogue ones, albeit more expensive. High quality video allows for facial recognition, making it easier to identify a person. This can help to convict criminals in the event of a crime, as well as making it clear what has happened. Analogue versions are often blurry and do not work as well in low light conditions. HD CCTV can cover a wider area and is therefore often a more cost effective security solution, making it a worthy investment. It can even be connected to a wifi network for back up purposes and many other advantages.


CCTV installation does not have to be a hassle. An installation company can help talk you through various options and help you to decide which is the best for your needs, as well as setting it up. This removes the stress and time of having to do it yourself. Some companies even offer to monitor the footage for you as an additional extra. There are various services that such a company can provide, so it is worth doing your research and looking into the options to find out which is right for you. Compare a few companies against one another in order to find the best value for money. A little bit of research can go a long way and help to save some extra cash in the process.