Running a business is a difficult enough feat in itself. Business owners have to organize their products, set up a business model, staff their business if necessary and make sure things are operating smoothly. In addition to everything else, they have to worry about marketing, which has only gotten more complicated with social media and technology. Business owners should follow these Instagram practices to put their businesses on the map and get customers.  

Finding Interested Customers/Followers 

One of the best ways to grow a social media following and help business is with followers. Business owners can invest in followers when they check out Instagrowing. These other practices will help them find followers, too. 

Use Instagram’s Features 

Instagram notably has great features for its users. Businesses should capitalize on these. They should frequently make Instagram stories to draw new followers to their page. They should also use hashtags, particularly hashtags that are associated with their brand, to find loyal customers and followers. Another feature businesses can use on Instagram is IGTV. IGTV lets users add videos that are 60 seconds to an hour long, making it the perfect platform for streaming commercials and behind the scenes information from a business. 

Collaborate with Other Businesses 

Yes, businesses are often in competition with each other online, but that doesn’t mean they can’t utilize each other, too. Businesses who are not in direct competition with each other can create collaboration products. They’ll then gain followers from each other and perhaps attract new customers. Reach out to other business Instagram profiles to set up a collaboration. Some great examples of these collaborations can be found here. 

Listen to the Audience 

Track which posts are most popular among followers. Those are what draw in new customers, so continue to post pictures and videos related to that product or idea. This will encourage customers to keep following and tell their friends to follow, too. 

Sticking to the Business Roots 

It’s easy to veer from the business Instagram and turn it into a personal account. It’s important to remember this social media account is for business. Following these practices will help make business a priority.

Create a Business Profile 

Instagram allows its users to change their personal accounts to a professional. Do this to stay on track with the business’s mission, and also alert others that this is a business, and entice them to see what the business sells. People can make their page professional by following these steps: 

  • Go to the Instagram settings 
  • Click on “Account” 
  • Click “Switch to Professional Account.” 
  • Then Click “Business”
  • Link the Instagram business to a Facebook business if necessary. 
  • Add business details to the page 
  • Finish adding details and click “done.” 

Now an Instagram business page is set up! 

Track Insights 

Stores and restaurants know when their busy day and hours are, and so should businesses on Instagram. Use the insights on Instagram to track when people most frequently engage with the content being posted. Then use these details to make the most of the business Instagram and post at important times. 

Create an Interesting Bio 

Let people know what the business is about in the bio! Make it interesting and creative. Check out some of the best business Instagram bios on this site. 

Making the Most of Posts 

Instagram posts are where businesses can show who they are and what makes them special. They should be unique and draw attention to the business. 

Use Call to Actions 

Call to Actions engage customers and followers and encourage them to comment and like a post. Use words that are specific to the business and what is being sold. Try to get users to “sign up” ,“discover” or ‘join today” through interesting pictures and videos. 

Host Giveaways and Contests 

People like free stuff. No matter what it is, if they have a chance of getting it for free, they’ll do almost anything. Have people like, comment, and follow an Instagram page to be entered to win a free product. Businesses can even have their followers tag their friends in their posts to qualify. This could lead to more followers and more people participating in the contest. 

Be Creative 

A rule for everyone on Instagram is to be creative with their posts and have fun with it. If it seems like a chore, people will notice. Have fun, and enjoy time creating content for Instagram.

Overall, these practices will help businesses stand their ground among the business competition on Instagram. They will have a larger presence on Instagram and find customers they would never have expected to have by posting content online.