Among hundreds of methods of Instagram promotion, people often choose the easiest and the fastest way — Instagram Bot. But many of them have a deceptive impression of their mode of work and the results they offer.

What is an Instagram bot?

An IG bot is a special tool that serves for the automation of all your activity directed to the growth of your account. For instance, liking and commenting on the posts, following and unfollowing people, viewing Instagram Stories, scheduling the posts, the list goes on.

If you have thought that IG bots are capable only of cheating to get more followers, often fake, you are pretty wrong. Times, when people purchased a certain amount of likes and followers, are becoming the things of the past. There are bots like Ingramer, which offer fully automated marketing campaign. It means that you have an ability to get more real followers, real likes, real comments, scale your business through that and get genuine recognition.

To learn in what way, keep reading.

What do Instagram bots offer? 

  • Liking

Not purchasing likes, but automated liking of other photos and even comments. As you know Instagram is a place of return of affection. If you like somebody’s posts, you automatically receive a chance to be noticed and liked back. That’s why IG bots offer this organic way of getting true likes.

  • Following

Automation here is work the same way as for auto liking. The tool chooses people to follow according to your targeting settings. The more it follows, the more people follow you in return. But there is one stumbling block, IG sets its limits on the number of people you can follow, Ingramer knows that, and you?

  • Unfollowing

Is it necessary to unfollow? Yes, you need to clear up your “followings” from time to time. Especially if people do not follow you in return or you come closer to the IG limits. In order for you not to do it on your own, you can use IG bot.

  • Commenting

Do you want to show your support and empathy to people in order they started appreciate you? IG bots enable automated comment sending to your TA. You can write common patterns like “Outstanding photo” or “Marvelous!” and a bot will save you from going to considerable lengths. That way you TA will get to know about your existence in a more personalized way.

  • Posting

Most of IG bots possess a nice function of scheduled posting. The methods of procedure are quite the same with the auto commenting: your post written in good time will be published any time you point out. But remember to take into account the timezone of your TA.

  • Messaging

Direct Messages on IG became the venue of not only friends’ communication, but the place of business and effective promotion. Automated sending a direct message to your potential clients will create a kind of illusion of an individual approach to each customer and a personal touch.

  • Hashtag generating

People have got a handle on the true pros and cons of inserting hashtags in their posts on Social Media a long time ago. But it only recently they’ve started to use hashtag generators for creating relevant and popular hashtags fast. By the way, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms it is able to generate hashtags by a photo, URL and a keyword.

As you can see, an Instagram bot offers a comprehensive package for running your Instagram business page in a more effective. While you have to worry less, the automation system makes sure that your audience is given the right content and interaction at the right time.

What is your profit?

  • Account growth

That’s a logical output, that is what IG bots were created for — increasing the number of followers of your profile. All its automated activity aims to increase the visibility of your acc and only through that increasing the number of fans and supporters.

  • Engagement rate enhancement

Scheduling your content, showing some activity towards your followers, personal communication in Direct, right hashtags, all that will increase the activity of your audience and enhance their engagement.

  • Sales boost

If you run your business on Instagram, your acc growth linked with high engagement rate will guarantee you new streams of revenue and sales increase (in case your goods or service is really worthy.)

  • Free time

It’s out of the question that any IG bot representing an automation tool is designed for your convenience and for time-saving. Sidestepping the responsibility of the routine PR work, you get the time for most crucial issues.

Closing remarks

Now you know what IG bots are capable of. It stands to reason that every bot exhibits its own characteristics and possess its own features, so I wish you to find the one to your taste.