Mobile apps have transformed the way in which we enjoy betting on sport. Nowadays anyone can enjoy betting on thousands of sporting events taking place all over the world from the palm of their hands. 

This is because sportsbooks have worked hard to make sure that their apps offer customers the ability to bet on sport when they want, how they want. Rather than having to visit that casino or racetrack to put down their bets, now sports fans can simply fire up their mobile device, download a betting app and enjoy a world’s worth of bets at their fingertips.

What’s particularly exciting is the way in which these sportsbooks are using innovation to make their betting apps must-have items for all serious sports betting fans. After all, a quick look at a betting resource like reveals no shortage of competition among the new wave of online sportsbooks who use apps to stand apart from their rivals. So here is a quick look at the most innovative features of the latest generation of betting apps.

App customization

All of the best sports betting apps will be fully customizable so that you can get a superior experience. This means that the entire interface can be adapted to meet your individual betting needs. No more having to swipe your way past lots of bets for football and basketball just to get to your baseball bets, as all good sportsbook apps will let you prioritize what you want to see first. Louisiana betting apps will be no different.

Get notified

We’ve seen many sportsbook apps that offer you a great way to set yourself notifications for a variety of purposes. This means that you might get notified whenever the football team you’re betting on scores a touchdown or even when the sportsbook unleashes an unbeatable special offer. Obviously there’s always the risk of notification overload when it comes to things like this, but it’s clear that notifications remain an important tool for anyone serious about staying on top of their sports bets. 

Live betting

There is little doubt that live betting remains one of the more interesting ways in which people can bet on sport. As such, live betting has become the focal point of all good betting apps. This allows sports fans to bet live on the odds that are constantly changing in correspondence to the live action. Not only can people put down bets live via an app, but they can often cash their bets out which means cancelling the bet and getting a return – essential for locking in a profit before things go horribly wrong. 

Live streaming

Not only can you use sportsbook apps for betting on your favorite sport, but you can also use the most innovative of these apps for watching sports. This is because many of these apps contain live streaming that could cover anything from NHL hockey to Spanish soccer. While this move has the potential to cause a fair amount of controversy due to licensing issues, it’s clear that live streaming has become an evermore important part of the new wave of sports betting apps. 

Social betting 

Nowadays it’s not enough to just bet on sport, you have to do it in a way that’s social. Thanks to the omnipresence of social media, a growing number of sports betting apps are starting to implement social features. These allow you to do things like discuss betting picks, brag about your wins or even personalize your wagering experience with cool touches like avatars and so on. All of which shows just how far sports betting has evolved in the past few years.