The evolution of the iPhone has brought with it significant changes in technology. With every iPhone device that has been launched, it has introduced a new feature into the market and subsequently rendered some technologies obsolete. Guys at Techknowbits have published a nice infographic which was originally designed and created by Let’s take a look at some of the technologies that have been killed off ever since the inception of the iPhone in 2007:

  • The first iPhone rendered the use of Personal Digital Assistant and buttons on mobiles as obsolete
  • The introduction of iTunes and the first iPhone made MP3s and iPods unpopular
  • FaceTime wacked Webcams out of the picture
  • With the prominence of iCloud and iPhone, the use of external hard drives became out of date
  • The iPhone 4&5.0 came with megapixel cameras and introduced people to Adobe Photoshop Express which killed off the use of digital cameras with their photo editing software.
  • The use of Maps Apps and iPhone rendered Sat Nave archaic

iphone has killed tech