The beautiful thing about marketing these days is that you don’t have to go looking for your ideal customers. With the internet and a concept called inbound marketing, your ideal customers are able to find you.

As an attorney or law firm, leads are your bread and butter. Since ancient times, finding clients was always an issue. And with more lawyers than ever available, the competition is fierce for an ever smaller piece of the pie.

Which is exactly why your firm or office needs to be doing inbound marketing to be cultivating quality leads that become customers. Whether you are a criminal lawyer, family lawyer or any other type, this marketing technique is essential.

In this article, I will go over what that entails and how to go about implementing it in your marketing strategy.

1 – Master SEO

SEO is Search Engine Optimization which means that you are doing what you can to achieve the first positions in the search results. 

It all starts with a blog. You should have a website that highlights your services, but it needs to also have a blog in which you write articles that target keywords that your ideal lead is typing into Google. Whatever your practice specializes in is the starting point and then you research the questions that your typical client would have.

Write articles around those topics and use SEO techniques and you will have organic traffic come to your blog who then become leads.

It can be quite tricky to do, so think about hiring a law firm SEO expert. There is a learning curve so you can cut down on the time that it takes to figure out by outsourcing this aspect of your inbound marketing campaign.

2 – Have a Social Media Presence

Social media is not the best place to make conversions from readers to clients, but it is a great way to brand yourself by creating content that is highly shareable. When your content gets shared, it will eventually reach the people who need to see it based on the algorithms of the various social media platforms.

The key thing to do here is to bring the traffic from your social media to a landing page where they can leave their email in exchange for a lead magnet. This can be anything from a free consultation to a downloadable checklist or anything in between.

3 – Build Your List

Your email list is essential for turning your leads into clients. You can do this by crafting a series of emails that will resonate with your readers in each stage of their journey. They start with research and then as they keep receiving more helpful emails, they will come out of the other end of your sales funnel as clients. 

You’ll need to figure out which content is working best by doing regular testing. You should have two different types of emails going to different segments and see which performs better. This is called A/B testing and will help you to make sure your time and money is being spent wisely for your client acquisition.