As you all know that, software development is a long and tedious process. To make it compressed and accurate, you need to learn how to develop software with Agile. Agile is the best method to develop the software in a short span of time. Anyone that is aspiring to develop the software or professional software developers can take this course. If you do not know anything about the agile methodology, you can start learning this technology by participating in the inductor classes. The inductor class will teach you about introduction to agile process, Agile simulation, Agile project delivery, release planning, advanced Scrum topics and Agile adoption.

The Agile management training is absolutely useful for the professionals that would like to enhance their skills on working with agile for project development and delivery. As well, the participants can get to know the reason why Agile remains good for the software development projects and know how implementing Agile enhances the values of businesses. Through this Agile course, the participants can learn about the four phase concepts which are concept, initiate, deliver and deploy. The real life examples will be taught to the participants taking part in the agile course.

What is Agile and Scrum Course?

The Agile and scrum training will groom you to work on the concepts of scrum and Agile. Scrum is the most popular Agile method, which can increase the project value like nothing. The scrum training will prepare you as well for the certification. By learning this Agile and Scrum, you become an expert in delivering high-quality products by gratifying the requirements of customers. You will get to know how to successfully apply Scrum in Agile methodology. You can get both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice in the Agile and Scrum course.

The Outcomes of the Course

The Agile and Scrum course will enable you to

  • Setup and manage projects on JIRA cloud site
  • Facilitate daily scrums, sprint planning, user stories and spring reviews
  • Implement best practices for getting the best and maximum outcome from the scrum methodology
  • Capable of making various scrum artifacts
  • Apply a distributed scrum on teams all over the organization
  • Capable of making product backlog, definition of done, sprint backlog and completed deliverables
  • Become a Scrum Master to any company that implements scrum
  • Pass the scrum master examination on the first attempt

Who Should Take the Agile and Scrum Course?

There are no prerequisites required to do the course. The course can be taken by the following professionals,

  • Teams transitioning to Scrum
  • Team Leaders
  • Managers of Scrum teams
  • Project Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product owners
  • Developers
  • Professionals that would like to get the scrum master certification