By distributing corporate gifts, whether it is at a trade show, meet and greet, or to employees who have achieved a personal or company milestone, you are creating a positive image for your brand. Intended to say thank you, or as a reward for a job well done, it is important that corporate gifts are an accurate reflection of the company. They should be held to a high standard of elegance, while either being functional, or quite simply, fun.

One way to make a memorable and positive impression is with an offering of unique and desirable corporate gift baskets. Their innate charm speaks volumes and conveys a positivity of spirit which is difficult to attain with standard and rather ordinary gifts. As a reliable and trusted merchant, has many gift baskets to choose from, for just about any occasion, including corporate gifting. Whatever the message you wish to convey, these experienced basketeer’s offer an appropriate and stunning gift basket to match the occasion.

“Thank You for Doing an Amazing Job!”

There are moments, and brilliant endeavors in the workplace, wherein employees of the company shine. Whether it is a promotion based on innovative thinking that exceeds the intended goal, because of sustained excellence and hard work, or landing a huge client, your employee deserves to be recognized.

The Deluxe Wine Thank You Basket has it all. There will be no question about your appreciation, after your employee receives this basket of delights which is filled items like Sorrento Chocolate Truffle Cocoa, Snappers Peanut Butter Pretzels, Laurieri Taralli, and Walker’s White Chocolate & Raspberry Cookies. Add in a 750 ml bottle of Dry Red Wine, also included, and you have the perfect pairing for a basket of rich and luxurious decadence.

“Congratulations on Your Retirement!”

For years, sometimes decades of service, you will want to honor the retiree with an appropriate gift which conveys your deep gratitude. Retirement is a time of excitement, get them started off enthusiastically, with an exceptional gift basket.

The Grand Gourmet Gift Basket has everything the retiree needs to start their new journey off right. He or she willl feel significantly spoiled with items such as Honey Mustard Pretzel Twists, Assorted Fruit Flashers, Butter Toffee Mixed Nuts, Laurieri Italian Olive Twists, and Hazelnut Filled Puff Pastry. All of these taste-tacular edibles are set inside a gorgeous, weaved, stained basket, which could  become a keepsakes. Sending  sincere congratulations has never been easier.

“Hope You Feel Better Soon”

When life throws us a curveball, or unexpected challenge, such as going through surgery, or falling ill,  an emotional and spiritual toll is often experienced by anyone. No longer being able to enjoy the presence of coworkers, and that feeling of getting behind with projects and deadlines, is daunting.   Express your well wishes with a Get-Well Gift Basket to let your valued employee know you are thinking of them, and hoping that they will be on the mend soon.

The Towering Heights Thinking of You Gift Tower is a virtual column of confections that is bound to get them smiling. They will sift through goodies like Assorted Milk Toffees, Gourmet Caramel Popcorn, Lindt Chocolate Truffles, French Apple Crisp Cookies, Chocolate Amaretto Almonds, and so much more. Box after shimmering polka dotted box reveals one surprise after the next, to lift spirits and hopefully generate feelings of delight.

“Happy Birthday to You!”

When they are a valued employee, their birthday is an ideal time to show just how much you appreciate them. Birthdays are incredibly special. Why not help them celebrate?

The Blissful Birthday Wine Gift Basket is something they will have to share, but certainly won’t want to! It is overflowing with assorted nuggets of tasty decadence, and included is a Premium Steel and Wood Corkscrew, and a 750 ml bottle of Merlot. They will feast on Cashew Roca Butter Crunch, Sweet & Savory Snack Mix, Milk Chocolate Bavarian Pretzel, Lindt Chocolate Truffles, Gourmet Caramel Popcorn, and more. Your valued employee will be wishing birthdays came around more than once a year!

“Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays”

Fruit cake? You won’t find any here! You know what your employees really want – a bevy of delights that come in the form of creamy lusciousness, and satisfyingly salty edibles.

The Ravishing in Red Holiday Gift Tower, decked out in the brightest color of the season, is a great way to extend warm holiday wishes and good cheer. Each box is a present bursting with deliciousness. Cinnamon Yogurt Pretzels, Chocolate Chip Cappuccino Cookies, Lindt Chocolate Truffles, French Apple Cookie Crisps, and more, are offered to satisfy the sweet tooth. Ready for gift giving to their residence, or at the company party, this enchanting tower of treats makes a splendid corporate gift.

Corporate gift baskets provide the opportunity to express your gratitude, sympathy, and heart-felt good wishes to employees. Whatever it is that’s going on in their lives: a promotion, birthday, loss, medical leave, or simply a holiday present, gift baskets are an all-encompassing legacy to continue the spirit of benevolence within your corporate environment.