The feeling that you get from being a part of an exceptional team is just remarkable. Great and efficient teamwork is the key to any successful business. With the introduction of amazing online collaboration tools like Miro’s Online Whiteboard, it is now easier than ever for team members to communicate and share their ideas with each other effortlessly, both within physical or distributed situations. 

However, besides relying on such tools there are several other factors that come into play as you try to improve the teamwork for your organization. In this article, we are going to take a look at all the effective ways that can help you with that. 

1. The Role Of The Leaders

The role of a team leader is without a doubt really important for the smooth function of the team. While choosing team leaders for your organizations, you need to make sure that the person you choose is professional and experienced with the different tasks that you are going to assign them. 

Moreover, they should be capable of supporting their team members with their tasks. The way a team leader establishes teamwork norms in the organization will lay the groundwork for a productive and motivating environment.

2. Communication Is The Key

For any successful team effort, communication is the key. Creating an atmosphere where all the team members can share their ideas and communicate with each other is certainly going to improve teamwork. In addition to all this, there are several aspects that you need to pay attention to, for enabling good communication between the team. 

As a leader, you need to make sure that your tone is clear and precise. The guideline that you provide should be clear and to the point. While asking for feedback is always a good idea and will make your team members feel included as well. When working for a distributed company, this is even more crucial as the meetings are taking place online, where communication gets much more delicate.

3. Team Building Exercises

After figuring out the challenges that your team is facing, investing time in different team-building exercises will get all the team members closer to each other. Here, choosing the team-building exercises is quite important as you need to choose the exercises that are going to help you tackle the different issues that your team is having. 

The frequency of these team-building exercises can be altered according to your team and how they respond to these exercises. The more you invest your time with these exercises, the better results you get. Having a remote team should not be a problem: there are many online tools focused on a better-distributed teamwork. We already mentioned an online whiteboard, an example of a real-time, an online resource to bring people together from their homes or offices all over the world.

4. Establishing Team Rules

To keep everyone aligned in your team, setting up ground rules is the most effective step. Before you start working on any projects, get all your team members together, and go through all the rules and regulations for the specific project. Here, you can talk about the daily goals & interactions that will help you keep everyone on the same page. 

For instance, you can start by general rules like no cellphone during the meetings, deciding on everyone’s time to talk, and limiting the communications and interactions to office hours. 

5. Positive Reinforcement And Rewards

According to several surveys and studies, organizations that recognize and reward their hardworking employees have much better efficiency and productivity while the employees are more content with their jobs as well. In order to build a strong team and a happy workplace environment monetary rewards is not the only option. Sending a short thankyou note, promotions, bonuses, and an extra vacation will do the job as well. 

6. Office Space

For a growing and productive work environment, your office space plays a vital role. Having a workspace that boosts collaborations and helps your employees evolve is certainly going to help the organization. 

You just have to look around in the office and work on different areas that can help your employees. You can take help from professional designers in order to change and improve your office space. 

Working from home? More the reason to create a workspace completely differentiated from the rest of your house, to have the ability to focus and work comfortably, but also to completely disconnect when your working hours are over.

7. Take A Break

Once in a while, as a leader, you can go out with your team for an informal dinner and spend some time with them. This is how you can improve the relationship between the team members and increase productivity as well. 

Moreover, during these informal meetings, you can reevaluate your goals. Additionally, once you are done with any successful project make sure that you celebrate with your team members.

If your company is distributed, if your employees are working from home, send them all they need to still enjoy an informal, online time. In times of Covid, remote toasts, cooking lessons, or themed parties are becoming popular and very appreciated among employees.

Parting Words

Following all the mentioned practical and effective tips can help you and your team grow and improve their communication over time.