For businesses to stay on top of their game, it’s important for them to adapt to current trends and use them in their marketing strategy. It’s for this reason that most businesses are focusing more of their time in getting the exposure they need through search engines.

As algorithms change over time, companies will have to make sure they are modifying their strategies accordingly. A successful business that wants to increase its online presence should do more along the lines of creating effective SEO strategies.

While it’s impossible to know what will work and what won’t in the future, we can at least observe some developments that could lead up to the next stage of SEO evolution in the years to come. Let’s not look too far ahead though — instead, let’s look at some of the most compelling trends that will impact SEO in 2019.

Increased cybersecurity

With the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, both consumers and businesses are becoming more careful at how they share their information online. It’s due to this situation that businesses are compelled to update their privacy policies and take extra measures to secure the data of their site visitors. One thing’s for sure, Google is now rewarding sites that update their security protocols, and we can expect to see at least 90 percent of these sites to adopt an HTTPS certificate.

Automation and predictive analytics

AI will certainly impact the way marketers approach their SEO campaigns. For one, predictive analytics are seen to provide users the best experience in searching for products and services that matter to them. Using predictive analytics, marketers can optimize their digital campaigns based on the most used terms and phrases. What’s more, this setup works best as a means of conducting market research. Marketers can use important metrics from their SEO efforts to create accurate and engaging content.

The importance of mobile

This is a no-brainer, and yet, most businesses still need to learn a lot about optimizing their mobile sites to better support their SEO campaigns. Mobile penetration is increasing, and we can expect that in 2019 the percentage will be even higher. With that said, marketers will need to prepare their sites to meet the demands of their mobile markets. Optimization is key, and businesses will have to continuously improve their campaigns in order to reach out to mobile users.

Outsourcing and the rise of SEO firms

In order to address the complexities of SEO marketing, businesses are becoming more reliant on digital marketing firms that are equipped with the right expertise. In this sense, companies such as Digital Monopoly based in Perth, Australia provide services that can help businesses rank higher in the search results. Sure enough, most B2B companies today outsource much of their digital marketing to such firms.

Longform content

As Google opts to provide value to search engine users, it began to prioritize longform blog posts. Information adds value, and the longer the content you produce, the greater the value you provide. Because of this, marketers are encouraged to provide content that goes beyond 600 words. This trend has been picking up since 2017, so we can expect many more business to generate valuable longform content next year.