Legal marketing is still relatively new, with some attorneys perhaps still not realizing its importance. After all, says the American Bar Association (ABA), being a lawyer was considered a legal “profession,” and not a legal “business.” Then social media platforms, competition, and the importance of building the brand for law firms began to explode and are even more important today. Legal marketing provides the opportunity for attorneys to network with colleagues and to learn about and stay up to date on legal marketing trends, social media platforms, and the latest technology. One way to meet colleagues, engage in peer-to-peer networking, learn new ideas for your law firm and generate new business, energize your law firm, and retain your current clients is to attend a variety of legal conferences. 

How Do I Know Which Legal Conferences I Should Attend? 

Do not assume that you need to attend every legal conference offered in 2022 or in the future. Some legal conferences may not represent your brand, or may not offer some of the features that are important to you and your firms, such as the trends in legal marketing, technology or innovation that will help you to enhance your knowledge and skills and to best represent your brand. 

The American Bar Association explains that the importance of a law firm’s brand will continue to increase in importance and that an important key to “how attorneys develop business is their ability to distinguish themselves and their firm’s capabilities” from their competitors.  

These are some of the best legal conferences to attend in 2022. They cover a variety of innovative legal marketing strategies, best practices, networking, and emerging trends. They are listed in order by the starting date of the legal conference. 

Some conferences are held annually and may be held early in the year. The 2022 Association of American Law Schools (AALS) conference was held from January 5-9 2022. The virtual webinar featured 250 sessions, with 900 speakers and moderators, and many opportunities for networking to discuss a variety of legal topics.  

The annual American Bar Association (ABA) conference is a large legal conference with approximately 1,500 people attending the event. Attendees learn about the latest legal software and technology, learn to get the most tech tools, and have the opportunity to engage in the sessions. The three-day event in early March 2022 provided ample opportunities for lawyers and their staff who attended the event to shop with the many vendors at the event. Many people make attending this conference an annual event. 

Legal Week is an exciting week for lawyers and their staff and legal marketing professionals. The annual event, held March 8-11 at the New York Hilton Midtown featured the opportunity for thousands of returning legal professionals to gather again to network with peers, to explore a variety of topics and legal strategies that are specifically tailored to their own roles, and to gain important insights to learn to tackle the ever-changing legal landscape.  

This year’s topics and events included the future of law, robotic process automation cyber security, data privacy, contract lifecycle management, and many panel discussions.  

Upcoming 2022 Legal Conferences 

The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Annual Conference takes place March 21-23 2022 at the ARIA Resort Las Vegas, Nevada. One Legal indicates that the conference is specifically dedicated to “the art and science of legal marketing.”  

The LMA conference is considered to be the largest conference event that focuses solely on legal marketing and professional development. The Legal Marketing Association features more than 100 speakers, more than 25 sessions, and more than 50 leading solutions providers and consultants. Attendees have the opportunity to use the Adaptive Agenda, which is back this year by popular demand. The Adaptive Agenda allows attendees to customize their own unique agenda so that they can select the specific sessions and activities that they want to attend during the conference. 

The ABA Class Actions 2022 is scheduled for April 12-April 13 at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas. This year marks the 25th Annual National Institute on Class Actions. The ABA conference attendees will gain class-action insight from prominent judges and learn the latest developments in class action law. Examples include best practices to sharpen your skills and trial techniques. Enjoy the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the top nationally recognized experts. 

The Legal Marketing Association Tech West Conference, scheduled for April 26-28, 2022 is a virtual webinar that features the opportunity to promote effective communication, to learn how to anticipate and respond to your client’s needs, and learn how to use technology to drive growth. Discover how to transform the operations at your firm to realize greater proficiency and productivity. 

Mark your calendar for the Association of National Advertisers Content Marketing Conference scheduled for April 27-29 at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida. Learn about the robust growth in investment in content marketing, along with strategies, best practices, and resources to obtain and drive measurable results. Topics include content partnerships, social and digital amplification, and how to create content that drives creativity and commerce. 

The ItechLaw 2022 World Technology Law Conference & 50th Anniversary Celebration will be held May 25-27 in San Francisco. Some topics covered during the 2022 conference include data protection, dispute resolution, artificial intelligence, cybercrime, intellectual property, and technology sourcing. 

The ARK Group annual Knowledge Management Conference will be held in October 2022. Knowledge Management in the Legal profession clarifies perspectives that move from the traditional role of internal content generation to models that drives technology that is innovative and that helps to improve revenue-generating capabilities.  

The Clio Cloud Conference will be held both virtually and in-person from October 10-11, 2022, in Nashville, Tennessee. Attendees have the opportunity to engage with thousands of legal professionals from around the world during the conference.  

Keynote speakers present sessions on various innovative technologies to drive the success of your firm, and new and emerging trends. There are opportunities for panel discussions and networking, along with a trade show. 

Attend the International Bar Association (IBA) Annual Conference at the Miami Beach Convention Center between October 30-November 4, 2022, which is expected to be an exciting opportunity for professionals to come together for the “largest, most prestigious event for international lawyers.” Build strategies for success, generate more work and referrals, and network with lawyers from across the globe in all practice areas. 

Why Should I Attend Legal Conferences? 

Legal conferences provide attorneys and their staff with the opportunity to gather and network with peers, learn new strategies and best practices for success. They present an excellent opportunity to discover the latest technology that is necessary for today’s law firms. 

Discover the importance of social media platforms and how to make them work for you. Learn how to reach more clients through social media and other methods. Learn about legal marketing trends for today and for the future.

Discover the importance of social media platforms and how to make them work for you. Learn how to reach more clients through social media and other methods. Learn about legal marketing trends for today and for the future.