Individuals and businesses are using Instagram to promote themselves or their brands. They are always looking for more followers to build a strong profile. Being verified on Instagram will help you attract more followers as it helps people perceive that you as a trustworthy and authentic person, or business entity. 

If you are really serious about gaining mileage for your business on Instagram, and wish to reap positive results, then you must get verified. In this post, we will discuss how to get verified on Instagram and the importance of getting verified on this social media platform.

About A Verified Blue Badge On Instagram

You must have seen a blue badge on Instagram pages, and wondered about what it is, and how it is obtained. This blue badge implies that your account is officially verified via Instagram. People, businesses, and brands that have this verified badge on Instagram account are viewed as authentic. 

Instagram verification implies that an account is established to be the genuine presence of a noteworthy public figure, global brand, or celebrity. 

Who Are Eligible To Get Instagram Verified?

The blue badge or Instagram verification is assigned to notable brands and people who are using the platform. This badge acts as a certification of genuineness on Instagram. It implies that the brand or person behind this account is real. It helps in gaining trust among the targeted audience – a status symbol that makes you look credible. 

If you are running a business and promoting yourself on Instagram with a blue badge, then you can expect more people to engage with you. That is the reason everyone wants to get this badge. With the new rules, anybody can apply for Instagram verification.

What Is The Method To Acquire Instagram Verification?

Getting Instagram verification is a key milestone for expanding the account profiles. Having understood the importance of Instagram verification, now let us see how you can obtain it for your business profile, or a personal profile. Getting Instagram verification is easy. 

Below Are The Step By Step Instructions On How To Gain Instagram Verification:

Tap on the Menu button located at the top rightmost corner in your profile 

Now tap on the Settings icon -> Account section

Tap on Request Verification 

Fill your details such as full name, category, and brand name

Upload your photo identity document or business documents as requested

Click on the “Send” button. Your application procedure gets completed here.

Requirements For Instagram Verification

To get Instagram verified, you need to conform to the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines of Instagram service.

Be authentic By specifying whether you are a business, brand, or person

Be unique: Only one account per business or person can be verified.

Be complete: The blue badge is only reserved for public entities and figures. This implies that you can’t have a private Instagram profile. It has to be complete, with a profile photo, bio, and at least one post in the feed.

Authenticity Verification:

You need to verify your identity by providing a government photo identification card and/or business documents. The data is encrypted during the transfer, so need not worry about any kind of leaks during the process.


These are the ways by which you can easily obtain a blue badge on your Instagram account. It will help in improving your business reputation, getting more genuine followers on Instagram and driving more sales to your business.