For the past 15 years, Imad Hashmi has dedicated his work to handling APIs responsible for storing and transferring valuable customer data over the Internet. His role in this domain has presented him with challenges that most engineers could only aspire to face. Leveraging his unparalleled expertise, Imad’s clients rely on him to assess their data systems and technical infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities, implement changes, and enhance cybersecurity measures.

As an end-to-end software architect, Imad not only incorporates security strategies advised by cloud solution providers such as Amazon and Google but also tackles other intricate technical responsibilities, including encrypting highly sensitive data. He is a certified AWS Solutions Architect and an AWS-certified developer associate. These are highly sought-after and prestigious certifications that are known to increase job prospects and salary prospects by 25.9% ( according to most salary surveys and job boards. In his career, he has designed and built several full-stack applications which are successfully deployed and being used by hundreds of thousands of users.

17 years ago, Imad embarked on his first venture in this field with EnterpriseDB Corporation. During this time, he played an integral role in constructing an innovative and up-to-date PostgreSQL database management system, tailored to meet the requirements of modern data applications.

In 2007, Imad’s exceptional skills were recognized by an Australian-based company, which led to an invitation for him to contribute to their operations. His specific role involved overseeing database security and migration, a responsibility that was entrusted to him due to his unique expertise in the intricate workings of the PostgreSQL database, a proficiency possessed by only a select few computer science and IT professionals worldwide.

Continuing his career in Australia, Imad firmly established his position in the market as a highly talented professional capable of successfully taking on any new software engineering project. He had the privilege of working with some of the world’s largest banks, including Commonwealth Bank and Westpac Banking Corporation, as well as collaborating with the Australian stock exchange. Notably, he took the lead in developing a component of the collateral management system running in the stock exchange, which is now in operation and the sole approved collateral management system by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Imad’s contributions to the online banking systems of both Commonwealth Bank and Westpac Banking Corporation were equally significant. He actively participated in building the front end and backend of applications used by hundreds of thousands of the banks’ customers. His work played a crucial role in enhancing the banking experience for numerous users.

Imad’s extensive experience in the Australian market spans across various domains, including large corporations and early-stage startups. Notably, he took charge of building the entire front of the Red Rooster online ordering website (, a prominent fast-food restaurant chain in Australia.

Additionally, he made significant contributions to another significant project,, an individual credit score monitoring website tailored for Australians. This platform allows users to access their credit scores and receive personalized financial offers based on their credit history. Owned by Equifax, has become one of the most popular websites in Australia for checking credit history conveniently online at any time.

Imad’s skillful work on this project caught the attention of the public, and the initial version of the website was featured and showcased during the prime-time morning show “Sunrise” on Channel 7. This exposure further solidified his reputation as a capable and accomplished professional in the field.

In 2014, Imad received an offer from Wellright Inc., a newly established company based in Chicago, IL, USA. They sought his expertise to contribute to the creation of a groundbreaking software product on the cloud. The company operated in the crucial wellness industry and aimed to develop a scalable product capable of serving millions of users concurrently.

Furthermore, Imad has held the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for several early-stage startups, affording him the chance to spearhead groundbreaking initiatives from the ground up. One of his initial startup endeavors was Contente (, where he created a revolutionary social media advertising platform designed to assist small businesses in optimizing their social media expenditure. This product has proven to be highly successful, empowering numerous businesses across the United States to enhance their online presence and achieve significant growth.

Additionally, Imad’s ingenuity and expertise led to the development of another triumph: an experienced app catering to social media influencers. This platform allows influencers to discover a plethora of complimentary experiences and dining opportunities worldwide in exchange for promoting them. As the newly appointed CTO for this project, Imad masterfully designed and architected the solution, expertly guiding the development team to ensure the timely and budget-friendly delivery of the product.

Overall, Imad’s contributions as a CTO for various startups have been instrumental in bringing innovative concepts to life and empowering businesses and individuals alike.

Drawing from his experience in the financial industry, Imad made a foray into the realm of fintech, taking on the role of CTO to spearhead the development and launch of two online payment products. The first product was a peer-to-peer lending app that facilitated efficient management of repayment plans between lending parties. The second fintech app, named SettleUp, was a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) payments platform designed to assist businesses in offering flexible payment plans to their customers.

Fintech is a rapidly growing sector, currently holding a 2% share of the $12.5 trillion global financial services revenue, as reported by Boston Consulting Group. However, it is projected to expand substantially, potentially reaching 7% of the total revenue. By 2030, banking fintechs are expected to make up nearly 25% of all banking valuations worldwide, indicative of the significant potential and impact this industry will have on the financial landscape.

Additionally, Imad strategically aligns the data and computing infrastructure with the overarching business strategy, bolstering the organization’s adaptability and prosperity. Simultaneously, he fortifies critical IT infrastructure to safeguard it from potential disruptions, establishing a sturdy foundation for seamless operations. Notably, one of Imad’s clients achieved significant cost savings, reducing their cloud expenses by up to 80% by optimizing expensive license fees.

Imad’s entrepreneurial mindset serves as a valuable asset in serving his clients innovatively. As evidence of this mindset, he successfully developed and managed his own product, This product operates as a subscription-based API, enabling users to capture website screenshots in various formats. This venture not only showcases Imad’s business acumen but also serves as a live testament to his exceptional product development and management capabilities.

Imad’s distinctive combination of skills, truly global experience, and extensive experience in secure full-stack application development in the cloud made him a valuable asset for this project. The wellness and health domain demanded utmost caution, as it dealt with highly sensitive health data that required constant encryption to adhere to HIPAA rules and regulations. Within just one year of joining the company, Imad played a pivotal role in building and launching the product, which quickly became a resounding success in the wellness industry space.

Imad has devoted his attention to sharing his experiences and discoveries, aiming to assist others who seek to gain from his knowledge. A significant milestone in this pursuit was when he took a commendable stride by authoring a research paper and delivering a presentation at the esteemed International IEEE Conference held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The focus of his paper revolved around the implementation of peer-to-peer networks utilizing a distributed network model. This model relied on multiple nodes to swiftly and efficiently replicate data, making it readily accessible on other nodes. One key advantage of this system was its resilience to failures, as the nodes could depend on various fail-safes to ensure uninterrupted operations even if one node experienced issues or went offline. 

As the CTO and Head of Engineering, Imad leverages his extensive knowledge and expertise gained over the course of his career. He operates at the forefront of advanced cloud technologies and mechanisms, catering to critical global industries like technology and finance. Imad’s unwavering commitment, combined with the proficiency of other skilled professionals, guarantees the reliability and robustness of systems, which are indispensable in our technology-dependent world today.