So, you’ve invented the next best tech widget. Congratulations! Odds are, it took a lot of time, testing and hard work to coax your technological wonder from an idea to prototype into an actual saleable product. The good news is, you’ve manifested a modern marvel. The bad news is, your hard work isn’t nearly over yet. 

To explain, your invention might redefine the future, but getting your tech gadget into the consumer market requires a lot of effort, and the journey is replete with pitfalls. Fortunately, here are some top notch ideas for positioning your gadget for optimal success in the consumer marketplace.

Build Your Brand

Ask any top salesperson or marketer, and they’ll tell you that building a brand around your product is key to selling it to consumers. If you’re strictly an inventor or developer of gadgets, then branding might not factor heavily in your repertoire of skills. If that’s the case, consider finding a marketing consultant who can guide you through a savvy branding strategy. 

Just remember the point of a brand is to make it easy for your target market to recognize your tech. Building your brand is also about building trust and a solid reputation with consumers. While brand-building is a methodical process, it can pay off big in winning sales in the consumer market.

Build a Community

The realm of technology and electronics is a tight niche. Thankfully, this can work in your favor. Why? Because new tech devices and trending gadgets are typically followed by technophiles. That means you have a willing community right at your fingertips. However, if they don’t know about your new electronic gadget, then they obviously won’t be inspired to buy it. Therefore, it’s crucial to build a tribe around your invention. 

There are many tactics for building a community. You can go the usual route by building a following on social networks such as Facebook. You might also opt to post in forums or write guest articles on tech websites such as this one that can grow your exposure and your product’s following.

Or, you can start a “get to know me” campaign in your own community. We’re talking about using specialized communications in order to reach out to your friends, family, neighbors and associates to share the word about your product. 

You can use the updated Nextdoor app to notify your neighborhood and keep them connected with your tech offerings. With its new upgrades, the latest Nextdoor product launch clearly shows its value by offering more features such as revamped neighbor profiles, improved navigation and highly focused feeds.  Nextdoor’s newest version is a powerful tool that strengthens relations between you, your product and your targeted neighborhood.  It also has features to build a community that could potentially be highly motivated to learn more and ultimately purchase your new tech.

Build a Sales Platform

If you have a tech product to sell, it makes sense you should have a website on which to sell it. That means you’ll have to build an ecommerce website that seamlessly and securely takes payments from your customers. Your ecommerce website should also enable you to track orders, and in many cases, ecommerce applications can assist you in keeping track of inventory as well as shipping orders. 

If you don’t have a sales-capable website, or aren’t privy about how to build one, then you might consider selling on a third-party site. Marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay allow you to easily upload images of your product, set prices and add descriptions about your electronic invention. They also make it super simple to take payments and ship products without the complications of building a reliable, functional ecommerce site.

Build a Blog

Regardless of whether you choose to sell on your own sales website, or a third-party marketplace, you should still consider building a blog about your product. This is one of the simplest yet effective ways to get the word out on the internet about your latest tech device. 

Write about how your gadget has the ability to improve the lives of your customer. Publish posts about what your device can do, and how effective it is at whatever it does. Show your blog readers how your product solves problems. Write about discounts or promotions to incentivize people to ultimately purchase your invention. 

You get the idea. Write about anything and everything that serves value to people looking for your invention. Building a blog is an elegant way to build your brand. It’s also an organic way to garner attention and a following for your invention.

In conclusion, you should be proud as a peacock that you’ve developed a technological marvel that has the potential to satisfy a lot of customers. But in order for that invention of yours to truly make an impact, you’ve got to follow through by building a brand and convincing the tech community that they should buy your product.