Hyundai took on luxury brands in the past. However, you must have heard that Hyundai Getz is problematic for countless reasons. Here are some of the outrageous issues you must need to know about this car if you are intending to purchase it.

Controllability Issue

If you like to purchase a car that is easily controllable, it would probably be the worst idea to purchase Hyundai Getz. This car will only provide you with medium handling. This will only provide you comfort if you are driving on the smooth road.

This car will not be suitable for the roads that are poorly constructed or contained speed bumps. This is also not comfortable for off road journeys or long trips. You will probably just ruin your whole trip if you are taking this car with you.

If you are planning to drive on the road that has not been repaired for years and has bumps around every few seconds, you should probably not ruin your day and take a taxi instead of taking Hyundai Getz. The car’s poor controllability has been reported by several customers.

Low Profile and Body

If you are a tall person, it probably is not the best choice for you to purchase Hyundai Getz as it has a quite low profile. For a taller person, it would be difficult, or sometimes quite impossible to fit inside the car comfortably. The car can be too small for some people.

It is not long enough for you to have a comfortable ride. It can also lead to the worst issues of controlling and driving the car. Therefore, it is quite ok to say that this can be difficult to handle for the majority of people.

The ground clearance of this car is also quite small. It is important and quite necessary for you to install protection in it. In that case, the car will reduce even more to a few centimetres. For that reason, this car is only safe and comfortable for the smooth surfaces.

Let’s face it. We all know that having smooth roads everywhere is not possible. Therefore, purchasing Hyundai Getz can be problematic.

Well, If you are considering buying the Hyundai Getz? You should take a look at this detailed technical Hyundai Getz review before you go for purchasing the car!

Poor Suspension

Car suspension can contribute to the quality of car. The most disappointing and problematic thing about this car is its poor suspension. There are some of the common issues regarding the front drop links that are falling on Getz. If you are using this car, you will probably hear the clicking noise coming from the front suspension which is quite annoying.

If you hear such a noise from the car, it is usually when you are driving over the speed bumps. It can also happen on the poor surfaced roads. This is because the car has a very heavy suspension.

The car is quite low which causes discomfort while driving it. If you are driving this car and come across a poor road, the car will literally jump giving you the worst and uncomfortable ride. The experience could probably get worse if you are driving the car really slow.

Poor Starting

Another problem with Hyundai Getz is its poor starting. This is because the car has a faulty sensor. It is quite safe to say that Hyundai Getz has a lot of issues with its sensors as well.

Several customers have launched complaints for Hyundai Getz because of its poor starting. This is one of the most problematic things about this car that could have an impact on your experience related to it.

Noises While Driving

Hyundai Getz is known to have major noise issues while driving this car. One issue can be the noise coming from its engine. The car has been bashed with bad reviews because of the annoying sounds coming from its engine majorly when the car gets cold. It is also caused due to issues with the tappets.

Another noise issue is with the wheels of this car. The car often gets issues related with the broken wheel bearing. These noises get usually prominent during the speedy road trips. This is why there is a need to think several times before purchasing this car.