An e-commerce business lives and dies by its sales. As a direct result of this, you simply have to do everything in your power to expand the influence of your business and make it as user friendly as possible. Some of your problems can be overcome by on-site changes, while others require off-site work. Here, we look at simple ways that you can help your e-commerce business sell more.

Going Mobile

With the rise of the iPhone, Android phones and other smartphones, many people are now willing to not only look for, but also to browse and buy items on their phone. Due to this, your website simply has to be mobile compatible. If you don’t make your website optimised for mobile, you’re almost certain to lose traffic and, even if you can still attract traffic, your customers are much less likely to stick around. Don’t let them go to a competitor who is mobile friendly. It may not be necessary to go all the way and develop an app (although this is always advisable), just make sure your site is responsive and watch the mobile revenue roll in.



Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO as it’s known in the industry), means optimising your site so that it ranks highly when people search for terms on Google. The search engine works by ranking results in terms of what it believes that the searcher is looking for when they search for certain terms.

By writing engaging content that includes keywords, adding title tags and the correct coding and building an outreach strategy where your site gains links thanks to its reputability, you’ll soon shoot up the search rankings.

Think about it. When was the last time you searched as far as page 2 on Google? People rarely do. SEO can get you on page one, massively improving the traffic (and thus sales) your site attracts in the process. If it’s successful, you’ll be able to pay for it through the extra sales (and even more).


Social Media

Finally, to increase the exposure of your business, you need to have social media profiles. At the minimum, setting up a Facebook and Twitter account is essential. Not only are these free to do, they’re simple, too, as AA Cars have shown in this blog.

By engaging with social media profiles regularly, you’ll be able to build a steady following, and these will also grow massively if you ‘go viral’. Remember, every single one of your ‘likers’ or ‘followers’ is a customer or potential customer, so ensure you market to them.

To conclude, both on-site and off-site improvements can help your ecommerce business, ensure you know the options.