The world of business has truly gone global with technology making it easier than ever to talk or see a person on another continent. This has also turned certain industries into far more competitive niches. Managing an international client is often more difficult than a client that is located domestically. Time zones can be tough to overcome and different cultures approach business in vastly different ways.

Being able to have partners around the world that you work with can be a huge advantage. Below are a few tips to manage even the most difficult international clients using technology.

Keep Detailed CRM Notes

Detailed notes should always be kept in any CRM software that you are using. The last thing you want is to insult an international client due to completely forgetting an important conversation you had last week. Below are tips and how a CRM can help you:

  • You can transition a client from one account manager to another efficiently with the right number of notes.
  • Make sure that there are notifications as a client’s contract is expiring or when it is time to try to upsell them.
  • Client birthdays are important as these can make them feel valued.
  • The notes will help keep the client’s expectations managed and will make sure nothing is lost in translation.

Invoicing Software

Sending a physical invoice around the world can take days and receiving a physical check simply is not efficient. In today’s world, there are so many options for quality invoicing software to integrate with various other tech tools that are used daily. Taking a look at reviews on can be an incredible place to start. Keep in mind the following:

  • Integration should be seamless with your accounting software.
  • Automated invoicing can save employees time along with automated payment follow-ups.
  • Each organization or business will have different needs in terms of invoicing software. What works for one company might be the wrong solution for another so research is required.

Project Management Platforms are Imperative

Keeping a project on track can be difficult if an international client has an immensely different time zone. You might never be working at the same time so utilizing project management platforms is essential. The client will be able to see the progress on their project but remember to send a daily update of progress. Below are a few more tips to help use a project management platform to manage clients internationally:

  • Set milestones with deadlines to keep the team on track and to make sure client expectations are clear.
  • Automated progress emails can provide clarity to a client approaching a deadline.
  • Note conversations and integrate this platform with a quality CRM when possible.

Technology will make managing clients far easier whether they live in your country or not. Do not underestimate the ability to grow globally in your industry. A few good international clients that recommend your products/services to others can lead to worldwide success.