We live in an age where things can be automated so it can save us plenty of time. Some things can’t be automated like the tasks that require a lot of human contact and interaction (like digging a hole in the ground or some kind of manual labor). But when it can be automated, it will allow people to focus on many things.

You could be playing at USA online casinos while some of your tasks get completed automatically with your favorite workflow automation software. You could be sending emails, scheduling appointments, and a whole lot of things. 

The more time you save, the more you could reinvest in something that could be beneficial for your personal or business life. We’ll go deep into how workflow automation is saving you time so you have peace of mind knowing that you can do more. Let’s get started:

Task automation explained

Task automation is kind of like putting your car in cruise control. You go the same speed and you’ll be able to keep your foot off the gas for a lengthy period of time. With task automation, you set things up to where certain tasks can be done with as little tweaking and adjustments on your end as possible. 

The most repetitive and mundane tasks have an easier chance of being automated as opposed to those that require a lot of your time and attention. If you choose not to automate those tasks that may be easier to automate, you’re sucking up at least 10 to 15 percent of your time per day. 

The key here is when you want to automate your tasks, it’s all about ‘setting it and forgetting about it’. If things go haywire, you’ll know. Once everything is set to be automated, you can invest your time in tasks that will be worth more of your time and effort. 

What kind of tasks can you automate?

There are a few tasks that you can automate so you can work on other things. We’ll be taking a look at each of these tasks so you have a good idea on what you can get done. Setting them up is just as easy.

These are the following tasks that you can automate as early as today:

  • Your calendar

Obviously, you have meetings to schedule and deadlines to meet. So why not just add something to your calendar and leave it at that. If you need to make some changes, all it takes is a press of a button and you’re good to go. 

Nothing too complex, nothing too simple. There are plenty of apps where you can automate your calendar such as Calendly and FullSlate. Some of these calendar apps can also integrate well with project management apps such as Asana, ToDoist, and Trello. 

Depending on the app you use, you can “star” it or set a reminder to where it can get sent to your email before the task itself begins. That way, you won’t be able to forget.

  • Project planning

You can plan projects and delegate those tasks to your team members with ease. There are over a dozen apps that can do this. Meanwhile, you can also be able to watch the progress of each task right from your own software dashboard. You can make quick changes, send messages, and make sure that everyone is on the right page. 

  • Sending emails

Writing emails and scheduling them to be sent at a later time seems to be one of the best automation tasks you can do. Especially if it’s an email you plan on sending out ahead of time. Employees, project leaders, team members are all getting these written emails regarding how the day will go, what the project progress is, and so on.

Not to mention, you could send a simple email in a flash if something does come up. Either way, emails are simple to send and can be done in real time or scheduled in advance. If you have a busy day coming up and need to send out emails at a certain time, you can do that. 

  • Social media posting

You can also schedule social media posts throughout your favorite channels during the day. Name a social media platform that you use regularly and there is an app that will automate your posts. For example, if you are using Pinterest, you can use apps like TailWind so you can schedule your posts to go online at specific times of the day.

Maybe you can send out tweets every two hours. Either way, social media posting is simple. Also, automated messaging has also taken its hold as well (for example, Facebook Messenger has the messenger bots through ManyChat and ChatFuel to help your visitors communicate with you be it in a form of automation or human chat). 

  • Document scanning

Last but not least, there’s document scanning. You can scan your must keep documents and have them stored on the cloud so you can access them anywhere there is a computer. If you have the username and password, you’re good to go. 

Not to mention, you can print off those documents and have them ready when needed. No need to have someone grab the documents and rush to you while plowing over people in the process. Also, you don’t need to stick those documents in filing cabinets anymore.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to automate as many tasks as you can, it’s possible to get it all done using the right kind of apps. Imagine all the time you’ll be saving yourself in the process. Plus, you’ll have more than enough time to focus on other tasks that will require a lot of attention on your end. 

Why waste time when you can automate the simplest tasks that don’t always need human interaction? The more mundane the task is, the more likely you will automate it.

Don’t take your chances. Find out what tasks are too simple or repetitive and find a way to automate them today.