Renting out that extra room in your home brings in some welcome cash, right? But along with the benefits, vacation rental owners know all about the challenges that arise from the moment you get your license as a host: scheduling of many short term rental, difficult guests, managing your money and even beating the local competition.

It’s a common problem for many hosts, but mostly for those who haven’t learned to harness the power of technology to their benefit. For everything from staying organized to getting those 5-star reviews you’re after, tech can transform the vacation rental business for you!

Keep reading to find out exactly how modern vacation rental technology can make 2020 a much easier — and more profitable — property manager year for you. 

How To Make Holiday Home Renting Easy With Tech

Indoor & Outdoor Noise Monitoring

You don’t want your neighbors to see an influx of guests as a problem, because they may complain and cause problems for your business. The problem is you can’t predict your guests’ actions and their noise is often the first thing that starts bothering the locals.

While you can’t prevent guests from being noisy altogether technology solutions can help you manage the situation more effectively. Install noise sensors and regain control with vacation rental technology:

  • You’ll receive alerts whenever the noise rises above a certain level. That can spark guest communications between you and them so you can ask the renters to quiet down.
  • You have accurate records of noise on your property, so vindictive neighbors’ lies won’t stand in court.
  • Continuous management of noise levels ensures your business retains a positive reputation in the area. 

Save With Smart HVAC Control

No matter what business you own, expense management is a priority. By simply installing smart systems to manage home and kitchen appliances you’ll go a long way in reducing utility costs.

For example, with a smart HVAC control system, you won’t spend unnecessary power on your air conditioning system. It monitors and maintains temperatures throughout the day, so it doesn’t have to work as hard. Using this as part of your rental technology investment can improve its lifespan, so you don’t pay for replacement parts as often.

You can also manage the HVAC remotely, so if a guest forgot to switch it off, simply do it via your mobile device and save power. That’s the vacation rental industry made easy!

This management tool is also how vacation rental technology helps you manage your business’ carbon footprint. You’re benefiting the environment and many rental properties’ guests will appreciate this enough to mention in your reviews. 

Stay Safe With Smart Smoke & CO Alarms

Another appliance worth upgrading when you consider vacation rental technology is your smoke and CO alarms. Having these provide the following benefits:

  • You’re alerted when something goes wrong, so you stay in control even though you’re not on site.
  • You offer a safer guest experience because they’ll be alerted to problems.
  • Some systems can connect with lights, so the globes will switch on when alarms sound. Guests can easily find their way outside, even if there’s smoke in the building. 

These types of property management systems benefit all parties concerned.

Upgrade To A Digital Guestbook

You may think it’s a lovely personal touch to leave a handmade vacation rentals guestbook for the clients. But let’s face it: the world has gone digital. It’s time vacation rental markets realize the value of doing the same. 

Firstly, why replace items every time a guest fails to leave it in the file or book you created? This is unnecessary expenses for owners and property management companies. In addition, much of the information you provide, such as attractions in the area, they may need once they venture out. 

So, why not put together a digital version of your welcome pack and enable guests to access everything via mobile devices. There are handy online tools available to help you, or you can simply provide a PDF or URL link, making it more accessible. 

Once again, you’ll see how upgrading your vacation rental management approach will lead to more positive reviews. 

Easier Scheduling & Management With Vacation Rental Software

Another thing your guests will appreciate is when you stay organized. So, don’t leave anything to chance; organize all bookings, messages, cleanings and more with vacation rental software.

 High-end products such as iGMS allow channel management from various platforms. So, if you’re using Vrbo, Airbnb, Stayz and others, get one product to help you manage it all. 


Technology has transformed many aspects of our modern world and now it’s time to benefit your vacation rental business too. By investing in vacation rental technology, you can make it easier on yourself while lowering risks and even making more profit than before. 

And if you have any other tips to share with the community, don’t hesitate to share.