When driving, there are various angles to watch out for, and this can be very tasking. Driving is an activity that involves lots of patience and calculation because you have to be ready for anything and most importantly also cut out distractions any activity that diverts your attention from the task of driving.

Driving deserves your full attention. So, you must be focused at all times.

Aggressive drivers are known road hazards, causing one-third of all traffic crashes. However, inattentive or distracted driving is becoming more of a problem as people “multitask” by talking on the phone, texting or checking messages, and even eating.  Some drivers get involved in arguments while driving and then fail to mind the road. According to ‘Motor Era report’, among high-income countries, the US suffers the most road crash deaths? Over 38,000 people in the US die each year on US roadways from crashes while serious injuries range at 4.4 million.

You cannot control the actions of other drivers, but you can definitely be in control of the things that happens to you and your vehicle from your end of the road.

To always stay in control, you have to be aware that driving is primarily a thinking task, and there are various factors to think about when you’re behind the wheel, such as road conditions, your speed limit and position, observing traffic laws, signs, signals, road markings, following directions, being aware of the cars around you, checking your mirrors, and the list goes on. Staying focused on driving and driving alone is critical to safe driving.

It, however, doesn’t end there. Your vehicle can be vandalized or even stolen while it is parked. 

Essentially, even when you are not driving, you are still on the lookout for the safety of your vehicle.

Have you ever thought of navigating easily with all the angles around you well-scoped out while driving? 

Do you know you can actually keep an eye out for your car wherever it is parked?

This is where dash cams come in to give you the absolute peace of mind you desire while driving.


A dashcam is a video recorder and camera that is mounted on the dashboard of your vehicle to continuously record the view through your vehicle’s front windows and sometimes rear or other windows. It can also be called a dashboard camera, digital video recorder, driving recorder, or event data recorder.

What’s more, you can be directly linked to real-time feeds of what is going on in and around your vehicles at all times. The dashcam sends all your feeds directly to your device using 4G. Your dash cam can also give you different picture and video quality depending on the resolution of your camera.


  1. Full HD or 1080p (1920 x 1080) is standard for dash HD cams
  2. 1080p, 1296p, 1440p
  3. 720p for a back camera
  4. Include f/1.8 aperture and night vision mode

Dashcams have come to stay as their importance in today’s world cannot be over-emphasized. With a dashcam installed in your car, you will feel safer when you are on the road.

After all, it’s a tool to help you get justice and financial compensation for accidents, careless drivers, or con artists.

Dashcams do not only provide peace of mind when you are driving, but you also enjoy this peace while your vehicle is parked. Speaking of parking your car, you can be rest assured that your dashcam is keeping an eye on its surroundings.

Make it a habit to leave your car parked with the dashcam turned on. If anyone with malicious intent tries to break into, vandalize, or steal from your car, you will see their faces or clothes, and this can be presented as evidence during prosecution or other purposes.

Dash can be also referred to as smart dash cams because smart dash cams can save energy going on standby mode when they do not sense any movement. When the camera senses movement, the dashcam will start recording. These smart dash cameras help you save on memory space and batteries.

Dash cams are further important gadgets that you can use to re-evaluate your driving skills. At your own convenience, you can sit at home and re-watch all your driving clips, and ascertain if you are a road-friendly or an aggressive driver.

You might not be aware of your own driving habits as you may have developed some bad driving habits unconsciously over time and re-watching these videos can help you become a better driver.

That is not all.

You can also monitor persons who might need to use your vehicle for one purpose or the other. Using live feeds, you can monitor their driving and know where they are at all times. 

Also, when involved in an accident, it is common for both parties involved in a crash to claim no fault in the accident, in which case you could be held partially liable for someone else’s reckless driving. In such an event, a dash cam can make the difference between an easy insurance claim and a costly, drawn-out one. Dashcams provide video evidence that can be used to determine who’s really at fault. They can also capture a license plate if the other driver decides to flee.

While insurers often require photos with insurance claims, video footage currently resides in a legal grey area, which means the usefulness of a dashcam footage will vary depending on the situation.

So now, the real question is, what is your reason for not having a dashcam? Dash cams are inexpensive and highly efficient. They are so pocket-friendly that different resolutions exist for different costs and this determines their picture and video quality.

A dashcam is a must-have for all motorists and guarantees peace of mind as it can even keep you connected with your friends and loved ones at all times especially when you are traveling. This can help curb certain vices and increase the response time in cases of theft, vandalism, kidnapping, and road accidents. 

In our world today evidence is priceless and dashcams are a sure bet to getting evidence of events that happen on the road. If it is said that, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, then a video is surely worth millions of words and dashcams provide you with pictorial and video evidence.