If your business wants to succeed, you need to pay attention to your customers and provide them with the designs that they desire. To do this, you should consider collecting and analyzing user research so that you can adjust your business accordingly. Here are four ways that such research can impact your design and business.

Understanding Increases Appeal

As you understand your customers, you can increase the appeal that they have for your business. You can understand them better as you continue to perform research and to find out what your customers want from your design team. Doing so will increase your business’ appeal to your customers.

Think of it this way: people like things that have an appealing design. You can improve your business’ and products’ designs and make changes that your customers like. They want to look at those designs in your business since they find them appealing. This will naturally increase their appeal to your business overall.

Understanding Increases Engagement

You can also increase your user engagement as you start to understand what your customers want. Look over your metrics and other user data to see what changes your customers have a positive response towards. While people may think that this only applies to products, you can understand your customers to see what designs increase engagement.

Try to test different designs and changes to see which ones increase your customer engagement. Do they respond better to one layout over another? Do they like images in your designs? These simple changes in your design can greatly impact customer engagement and encourage more of them to interact with your business.

Learning Customer Wants And Needs

On top of using research to understand your users and gain benefits, you can also learn their wants and needs. Adobe experts say that without any doubt, user research is a critical component of the design process; it enables product teams to design products that people really want.

If you want the products in your business to perform well, you need to effectively give your customers the designs that they want. Simple design changes to your presentation or the product itself will get you more purchases. This happens as you look over user data and figure out what they want from your business and how it can benefit them. 

Learning Customer Behavior

Your customers will behave in certain ways, so you can find out a lot about your customers as you look at their behavior. While a customer can tell you how they feel through surveys, you can find out more by looking at how they react. If you want to make changes to your designs, ask yourself these questions.

  • How did my customers respond to my design changes?
  • Did these changes cause them to buy more of my product, or did it affect the product negatively?
  • Do certain designs or color palettes perform better than other ones?

Learning about your customers’ behavior towards your design choices can help you to improve your products and business. From here, it will benefit your design overall since you can adjust your design and receive the desired behavior you want from your customers.


You need to give your customers something that will benefit them and allow them to enjoy your design. Doing so will increase the appeal, engagement and allow you to learn about your customers. Make sure that you do the proper research about your customers so that you can provide them with the best experience possible.