Press releases are written by business owner to give an official statement about their business to the public. A well written press release can garner valuable media and public opinion by allowing the company to shape the story in a way they wish to. Press releases are made during any Product launch or updates, Events, Branding changes, Leadership changes, Award announcements, Company related breaking news etc. 

To write a press release, the company should mainly talk about accomplishments and happenings in the media. The news should be in a way that journalists wish to cover it, and which has a positive impact on your company.

Hold on! Unless you’re using a press release distribution service, you’ll need write a press release email to pitch the story journalists. This email should be short, crisp, and informative in a way that it summarizes the content you intend to release. Pick out trending topics and make a converting pitch! 

Now, How to Write a Press Release?

Below is the format of a typical press release!

An eye candy headline which grabs readers attention:

Headline or Title is the first line read by every reader. It can make or break the attention of the reader towards your press release. A typical headline should be informative and create an urge to know more about your press release! 


Your press release should include the location details such as city, state, and zip code (if required) of where your company is located and where news is taking place. This is essential when it comes to press releases. Where the event is happening could give you more local coverage. 

A Strong Lead

Lead is the first paragraph which is meant to summarize your most important topics of the press release. 

A tip to write a strong lead for your press release is to follow “5 Ws” rule. Which means

Who – Who is involved in your press release? 

When – When did the story happen?

Where – Where did the story or the incident take place?

What – What is the news about?

Why – Why should the reader read your press release?


Body of the press release is intended to cover everything about the news. It must describe all relevant information of the story and your company. Include the keyword your body of the press release in order to have good reach. 


Boilerplate standard copy which describes what your organization is and what it stands for. A company logo can also be included here to make it more in sync with the organization. It should include business goals, aspirations, and facts in a short paragraph.

Press Contact Details

Finally, at the end of your press release add the contact details of your company which includes – address details and point of virtual contact. And that’s it, you have just learnt the way to craft your press release!

Press releases are meant to create a positive impact on the company. It brings in a lot of inbound customers to the organisation. Press releases are the one of the best tools to market and get inbound customers!