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How To Work At Home And Stay Always Connected

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The number of professions requiring just one PC or laptop and the Internet to perform the job successfully is growing rapidly. Consequently, more and more people have no need to leave home and are able to make money right in pajama.

However such home workers often face the troubles of low quality mobile connectivity. It becomes especially critical if their homes are located out of the city where both calls and mobile Internet happen to be quite disappointing.

Work At Home And Stay Always Connected

If you’re one of home workers, you may find useful the following advice able to make poor coverage a thing of the past:

Rent an office in the city

A decade ago mobile connection in remote rural areas was a disaster. Now the situation noticeably changed to the better. But let’s confess not everywhere. Some houses still stand at a too long distance from the mast and cellular signals that reach them are too weak to come through the walls. There can also be some natural barrier like a hill or mounting that doesn’t let the signal penetrate the house.

Mobile connection in the city is at much higher level. To improve working conditions it can be reasonable to sacrifice home comfort and go to work to the city.  If you need quality 3G and even 4G network, office in the urban area is especially essential.

Rent an office in the city

Opt for another operator

If renting the house in the city is not cost-effective, or it’s too time-consuming to go to work and back home each day, or it’s just impossible for some other reason, you can try to switch to another mobile network operator. It can work if the base mobile station of a new operator will be located closer to your house or it provides more high quality service at a higher speed (if talking about 3G or 4G mobile Internet).

Opt for another operator

Amplify mobile signal in home

If none of the above mentioned tips are suitable for you, we have one more left. You can try to increase signal reception with a device called mobile signal booster. Good examples of such high quality equipment are Hi Boost brand cell phone signal boosters that you can find at https://www.huaptec.eu/en.

It’s a relatively small box that comes in a kit with indoor an outdoor antennas. Outdoor antenna picks up the signal from the outside (even if it’s nor very strong)and sends it to the booster which improves the signal to the max. Indoor antenna is necessary to spread the signal across the house. Such mobile signal boosters are created for home use to resolve similar signal problems of home workers, house wives, etc. The cost varies from a few hundred to more than a thousand dollars. Boosters are able to improve different mobile networks, such as 3G, 4G, calls and other.

Amplify mobile signal in home

It’s always so irritating to have calls constantly interrupted and too slow 3G/4G speeds that prevent you from working peacefully. Never give up, try one of the above mentioned solutions or find a new one right up your alley and share with us!

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