There are many word games you can play when you are bored. And, Scrabble is one of the best you can find right now. In case you did not know, Scrabble word game has been in the world for some time. Some of you might have the childhood memories of playing this game. Now, however, things have changed — and so has Scrabble.

Nevertheless, the basic rules are the same and some people find it so hard to master it, at least when they want to win. Despite all these, there are some sure-shot tips that will help you win the next game of Scrabble no matter whether you’re playing online or offline. In this article, we are going to share some of those sure-shot tips to help you.

You may already know some of these tips, and some of them are really simple as well. Still, if you mater the tips at the basic level, you will have some hope at winning the game.

1. Learn and Use Prefixes and Suffixes

There are some universal prefixes and suffixes that can be attached to common words. When attached, they become individual words as well. For instance, if you put in in front of expensive, you get a new word that means less pricey. Similarly, if you have found a word, you can try putting some prefixes to make it a kind of antonym in no time. This is one of the best methods that will help you increase scores while playing Scrabble, regardless the level of expertise.

2. Plurals Are Helpful

Thankfully, plural form of a word is considered another word while playing the game of Scrabble. You will be able to score better if you use this particular tip. Suppose you have found a unique word from the memory. Now, before anyone else does this, you can put an s at the end of the word and get the plural form — most of the cases. Of course, there are some other irregular ones, where the plural of mouse becomes mice. We are talking about the irregular words out there.

3. Look for Hook-Words

Hook words are something awesome when playing Scrabble, you know. For instance, we can take the word host. If you add the letter g at the front of the word, you get another word with different meaning — ghost. In the same way, you will be able to find a number of hook words in English. For instance, there are words like hand, to which you can add the letter y and get another word of different meaning. In addition to these, you also have other options where you add letters like e, r and d.

4. Learn Words That Have Q but not U

This is one tip that can help you score awesome in the next Scrabble game. As you know, Q is the Scrabble tile with the highest score. That having said, there’s a problem — most of the words that have Q have a U in some part or the other. Unfortunately, you don’t have many U tiles in the collection, which makes the whole problem. However, if you are wise enough, you can use some Scrabble Cheat words and other resources to find words that have Q but not U.

5. Find Rare Words

Now, this might be a time-consuming task when compared to others. If you spend time, you will be able to find a number of words that aren’t so common. They even have a meaning that is related to the sound the words make when pronounced. There are words like brrrin English dictionary, which, in this particular case, mean a sound produced. Similarly, these words will help you get the best results on the board. It’s also great if you can remember words that don’t have vowels.

These tips are not going to help you beginners, of course. In addition, you should have a clear and deeper understanding of the rules of Scrabble rules as well.