You want to edit your clips like a professional video editor and turn your footage into celluloid GOLD. Then Filmora video editor is the right choice. It is the best video editor for beginners.

Here is a guide to help you learn and use Filmora video editor like a pro.

  • Step 1

After you have downloaded the software and imported all media files, you can now edit them in your video project.Select clips in the media library.You can select one, multiple or a sequence of media files. You can locate the media file directly by searching its name in the Search bar.

  • Step 2

You can delete any clip from the library, simply right click on the clip and select delete. Add clips to a video/PIP sequence in the timeline. Choose target, right click to ADD CLIP or APPLY TO PIP. The software is designed to prevent black frames from generating after exporting the video by sticking together the dropped files automatically.

  • Step 3. Access color and video templates from the user album

Filmora also provides several sample colors or intro video. To get access these resources, just click “User’s Album” and choose SAMPLE COLORS or SAMPLE VIDEO.

  • Step 4.Trim video clips

You can trim the video from the beginning or the end. Just hang your mouse at the front/rear of the clip until   shows, drag it forward or backward to unleash in the position where you want to trim an unwanted part.

You can also cut a section from the middle of the video. Drag the slider to the start point and the end point of the unwanted part, press the scissor icon to split the video first, select the unwanted part, press Del button to remove it.

  • Step 5

Using Filmora editor’s features you can Split video, Rotate or flip a clip, Crop and join videos. All of these functionalities can be easily employed as shown in the images below.

In the Editing panel, click the four buttons on the top to rotate or flip your clip and check the result in the Preview panel.

  • Step 6.

Enhance video clips by adjusting brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Hue and Tint. Double click the video or image clip to enhance on the Timeline. Then drag the sliders to adjust the Contrast, Saturation, Brightness or Hue of the clip.

  • Step 7. Easily change the video playback speed.

Double click the video clip in your Timeline to open the Editing window. Then, drag the speed slider to adjust the playback speed of the video clip. You can also enter the precise playback speed you want in the speed field, or change your speed by changing the video duration. You can make your video up to 100x faster or 0.01x slower.

  • Step 8. Rearrange the order of clips

Zoom in or zoom out Resize the video. All of these features are easily available.

  • Step 9. Add watermark to the video

Import the video file and the watermark image to the library. Drag both to the video track. Adjust the size and position of the image. Then change the duration of the watermark image to the same length as the video by dragging the edge of the image file.

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