Managing a business can be challenging, not least for a busy professional. On top of juggling supplier meetings, liaising with clients and managing a team, you need to consider factors such as marketing, customer service, invoicing and scheduling. In a bid to improve the effectiveness of your operation, we have put together five ways you can automate your business operation to save time and money.

Social media

When it comes to promoting your organisation on social media, getting the basics right is essential. It’s all well and good to pay for promotional tweets and invest in fancy graphics, but if you don’t post regularly, your audience will disappear. Tools such as TweetDeck and HootSuite allow you to schedule tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram snaps to go out when you want them to, meaning your social media campaigns don’t have to become an everyday chore.



One of the most time-consuming parts of any business is billing and invoicing. If you have a large number of clients or you are looking to achieve significant growth, then you need to ensure that your sales and billing departments are performing at their best. Online billing software like BillingPlatform was designed to save you time and money, allowing you to manage all of your clients in an online portal which is accessible from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Offering the ability to upgrade, downgrade and manage subscriptions and invoices, such software gives you the tools to invoice clients and demonstrate a professional approach to billing.

Customer service

With 78% of consumers having bailed on a transaction because of poor service, providing potential and existing clients with a reliable and knowledgeable customer service experience is essential. There is a wide range of ways to automate your customer service, from opening a knowledge base to launching a chat bot and from automated email responses to a community forum. Taking the pressure out of your customer service department through the use of technology not only ensures a smoother service for your clients, but it can save you money and protect your bottom line.

Service Crossword Concept

Optimised website management

In the past, website management was a particularly challenging task. As well as ensuring your website was well optimised and targeting the correct keywords, you needed to ensure your website was online 24/7 and that you could convert visitors into customers. Now, technology has automated the website management sector, with tools such as Optimizely designed to optimise your landing pages and improve your chances of converting visitors into customers. Similarly, tools such as Moz, KissMetrics and SEMRush can help with your search engine optimisation, while StatusCake will send you an email or a text message the second your website goes offline.

Workloads and communication

Managing employees can be challenging, particularly when you have a large team. Setting schedules and preparing for meetings is a thing of the past thanks to new professional collaboration tools such as Slack, G Suite and the recently-announced Workplace from Facebook.  Not only are such tools great for improving the communication between your organisation’s departments, but they provide a way for you to automate your workflow and manage your entire business on the go.

Heavy workload

By taking advantage of the many services available online, it is possible to automate several parts of your business operation and improve your effectiveness in the process. Such software is not only useful for businesses who are looking to cut costs but for medium sized enterprises who are experiencing growth and want to maintain a coherent and consistent experience throughout.