Citation building is now seen as the true epitome of local search engine optimization. There is such a strong debate that goes on at the moment between SEO professionals about whether or not local citations are the real secret behind local rankings. Do you really need the citations or not? When should you use the citations and what does a good citation profile actually mean?

In most situations the local citations link building starts with a Google My Business profile and a citation audit. When the business is added in the Google business directory there are almost immediate gains that are seen in search engine rankings at a local rate.

Citation building is going to take quite a lot of time. So many do not understand this. However, the truth is that citation building is really effective in the modern SEO world. You really need to invest the necessary time and money to increase the number of great citations you receive. They will help you to rank a lot higher in search engine rankings at a local base.


The big problem is always the lack of knowledge available about local citations and their role in modern search engine optimization. It is important to know some things though. The truth is that we are faced with something that would be really effective but not when done in an improper way.

Building The Citations Manually

If you look at the different SEO software out there you will notice that there are many different programs that give you the possibility of getting links done automatically. This is a very bad idea and you can end up with really bad results. The best thing that you can do is to build your citations manually. You would have a complete control and it is so much easier to record everything in a proper spreadsheet. If a future change would be necessary, you want to have a full record so that this becomes really simple. You cannot run a successful citation building strategy without thinking about the future.

Manual citation building offers some advantages you should always remember, including the following:

  • Lack of ongoing yearly fee
  • A complete control is obtained over every single one of the citations gained
  • Listings will not be lost in the event fees will not be paid
  • The listings can be fully personalized – this is highly important as it guarantees every single citation will be different


Hiring Someone To Get It Done

Since citations building is going to take a whole lot of time, it is quite important to seriously consider hiring someone to handle the work for you. Obviously, a person that has advanced search engine optimization knowledge is always going to be prepared. Have patience and you will definitely appreciate the results that appear. Since most companies in the world will receive most of the business from a local audience, this is something you will want to consider. Citations building is definitely something you will want to do in order to get better local rankings.