Interactive advertising is changing the manner in which brands advertise. They generate maximum user interaction as compared to traditional ads leading to more leads and sales.

What Are Interactive Ads?

Interactive ads are specialized ads that involve the user to create immersive experiences in order to capture their attention completely. As per Wikipedia, interactive ads are defined as “paid and unpaid presentation and promotion of products, services and ideas by an identified sponsor through mediated means involving mutual action between consumers and producers”.

Interactive advertising provides sufficient data to the advertisers related to the target audience so that personalized ads are created to target niche groups or individual users.

Advantages of Interactive Ads

There are several advantages that interactive advertising offers. The best ones are suggested below:

  • They offer higher engagement on ads leading to more leads.
  • Interactive ads deliver 3X conversions when compared to traditional ads.
  • They allow the audiences to actively engage in marketing communications which improves the quality of the ads in future leading to better conversions.
  • Interactive ads have higher user retention rates as customers acquired through interactive ads tend to stay with the company for a longer period of time.
  • They do a great job in helping the customer leading to higher LTV or lifetime value.
  • They create impactful experiences that helps to increase brand awareness in no time.

Types of Interactive Ads

There are 4 different types of interactive ads as explained below:

  • Interactive pop ups

One of the most popular forms of advertising is interactive pop ups. These ads appear on a new browser with ad rich content offering customers with discounted offers in an interactive manner. For example, an insurance company can create popup ads that allows the user to choose some details like family insurance, car insurance, term insurance etc and the ad will display content as per the choice selected by the user. You need to follow certain essentials that forms the base of any ad. Here is a checklist for display marketing that should be followed.

  • Interactive video ad

These ads have an added layer of interactivity where people can control the contents of the video. For example, a car manufacturing company can create video ads that lets the user select a car in the color or model of their choice and the video will display that exact model.

  • Interactive end card

These ads are used for app installs and allow the users to engage with the ad and feel the functionalities of the app.

  • Playable ad

These ads allow the users to interact and play with the ad. Users really enjoy these sorts of interactive playable ads where they are guided by hints and they can win or lose in the game.

How to Create Powerful Interactive Ads

If you know programming then you can create your own ads using Flash. All you need is Flash and the SWF decompiler.  The SWF decompiler is used to decompile an SWF file for revealing the resources that are used in creating interactive banners. Once you have the resources, you can customize them and create your own ads.

However, if you don’t know the aspects of designing or programming then you don’t need to worry. Nowadays, it is extremely simple to create impactful interactive ads. You can use an online ad maker like Bannersnack to create high quality interactive ads and extend your marketing reach across any platform. Here are the steps to create your own interactive ad with Bannersnack:

1- Login to your workspace and click on “create new”.

2- Choose your option for creating a single banner or a set of banners. I will go with a single banner in this example.

3- Now, select a size or type of the banner like rectangle, square or a Facebook post. I will choose medium rectangle.

4- Now, select pre-designed templates and work on the customization you need for your ad. It’s simple, isn’t it?

Examples of Interactive Ads

Energy drink Gatorade has done a marvellous job in creating interactive ad that is inspired by Tennis legend, Serena Williams. The ad was displayed on the ESPN website and it allowed users to play a Tennis game having 22 levels. A win at every level means you get qualified for the next level. The 22 levels in the game was inspired by 22 victories that Serena had.

Not only online, interactive ads are ruling the world of offline advertising as well. For example, the below ad uses a lung shaped cigarette tray to educate people about the perils of smoking.

Now, have a look at this bubble gum ad. What do you think? Just imagine, you can’t stop yourself looking at it, it’s too tempting! Isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

The world of interactive advertising is getting bigger and bigger. Brands are constantly innovating and new forms of interactive ads are being developed. You are sure to lose the race as a business owner or a marketer, if you do not employ the power of interactive advertising in your campaigns.