Now is the age when video marketing is one of the most powerful promotion tools available and Facebook Live videos are watched three times longer than non-live. The popularity of this service has grown immensely, which makes it one of the must-use tools for business promotion. Ways to include Facebook Live into your marketing strategy include teaming up with influencers, creating your own talk show, broadcasting events, and teaching classes. You should try a few different tactics and pick the ones that work best for your business based on the response to your streams.

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5 Ideas on How to Use Facebook Live in Marketing Strategy

1. Connect with influencers to make a mutually-beneficial stream

Who are the influencers in your niche and how can you team up to promote both your businesses? For example, a flower shop can invite a popular florist to make some flower arrangements on Facebook Live.

Deals like this benefit both parties as they get more exposure to audiences that are interested in everything on offer. The business also gets a boost of credibility through an endorsement from a renowned celebrity.

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2. Post stream records on your website

No matter what kind of Facebook Live stream you run, you should record it and use it to augment your marketing strategy further. Basically, what you get is a quality video content that can give a boost to your blog and generate some traffic after the word of the stream spreads. When this happens, you’ll be able to point those disappointed for missing the Live streaming to your website with the recorded video.

This method allows you to use the perks offered by Facebook Live service’s popularity instead of the service itself. However, for this marketing trick to work you have to be sure that the pages with videos will load fast and your website won’t develop any ‘performance issues’ because of this content. The quality of your hosting is one of the deciding factors in this, so be sure to choose a reliable provider like You also need to choose a package with unlimited bandwidth if you plan hosting videos on your website.

3. Stream Q&A sessions regularly

The main power of Facebook Live for boosting marketing strategy is that this format of ‘communication’ brings you closer to your customers. That’s why you will benefit most if you get them involved into the show.

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Post various polls and open topics that encourage your customers to ask questions about your business/products/services/team/etc. Then answer all those questions during a Live stream. Your goal here is to establish a dialog with your customers and make your business look more ‘approachable’.

You can diversify these sessions by inviting guests and creating something akin to your own online talk show that will host personalities your audience is interested in.

4. Teach classes

Not all Facebook Live streams should be long and involve celebrities of some kind. Content that’s most beneficial for marketing is the one that provides your audience with value. Lessons and simple how-to videos allow you to do this effortlessly.

You should at the very least stream some videos with instructions and suggestions for using your products. However, go beyond that to keep your audience engaged through regular streams. For example, the aforementioned flower shop could run classes on the flower languages and traditions around the world as well as practical courses on gardening and tending to potted plants.

5. Stream from events your audience cannot attend

If you go to an expo or a show of some kind, be sure to unleash the power of Facebook Live for marketing your brand by streaming from the event. Most likely, the majority of your audience is unable to attend. But you have a chance to let them see some of the excitement and participate in the experience in real time.

Don’t forget to find the event’s policies on live video streaming first.