Now a days many mobile phone service providers will set a lock on the SIM to ensure that the cell phone will only function with their service. Even if you utilized your hard-earned cash to purchase this new cell phone, the cell company can compel you to make use of their service. This seems unfair and this is the reason to unlock LG X Venture, if you have one.

If you bought a LG X Venture that is locked to one particular carrier, and you wish to SIM unlock LG X Venture, the process to achieve this is simple.

Once you buy the LG X Venture from a wireless service provider the smartphone will be locked. The main reason behind this is that cellular companies subsidized the mobile phone to help decrease the costs for buyers. However for those traveling internationally, and who have to use a completely different operator’s SIM in the foreign countries, it may be difficult to do without unlocking LG X Venture.

Different Methods to Unlock Phone

If you have a LG X Venture, you might want to learn how to SIM unlock the phone and utilize it on any carrier you desire. Below are the several different methods to unlock LG X Venture.

Generally, with SIM unlocking of LG X Venture, there are basically two possible methods that you can use. At times, the cellular company will give you the unlock code of the LG X Venture. The second option is to use a third-party companies that will provide the same solution to suit your needs. It’s usually better to consider the first option before choosing the second option. Since your service provider will typically not charge a fee for the unlock code, whereas the third-party services will charge you.

Getting SIM Unlock Code from Service provider

  1. Make a phone call to the cellular company through the customer helpline.
  2. Request for your LG X Venture unlock code.
  3. The provider will request for your phone’s IMEI number. Supply that, and you will get an email with the code within a few days.

Buying the SIM Unlock Code

  1. Pick a reliable third-party unlock service, and choose the right tool to unlock your LG X Venture. Keep in mind that there are several offerings depending on the support that you pick, thus there is no one-size-fits-all option here.
  2. Supply the service with the IMEI number of your phone.
  3. The company will give you the unlock code within their specified time, based on the carrier the smartphone is locked to, as well as the service.

General Steps to Unlock LG X Venture

After you have the unlock code via the method of your choice, it is quite simple.

  1. Switch off your phone.
  2. Remove the original SIM card, and place the SIM you want to use.
  3. Power on your phone again, and enter the unlock code
  4. Your phone will show unlock successful message and it is unlocked.

There are quite number of sites which are providing unlock code for phones. But with the right unlock service and reliable unlock code providers like GSMUnlockhub or Codes2unlock you can unlock LG X Venture as well as any other phone with ease. Also both providers are backed by 100% money back guarantee and quite number of satisfied customers reviews.