Having a PDF nowadays is as relevant as having a mobile phone in your hands – you can never live without it. The beauty of PDFs is the fact that it can be brought anywhere around the world, it can be transferred to any computer, and it is a universal file, therefore recognized worldwide. When it comes to translating these PDF documents, there is no doubt that businesses, influencers, students, and organizations take this seriously. Choosing software that aids to such need shouldn’t be difficult at all. A fast and easy way to convert and translate a PDF instantly is to use an online PDF converter like DeftPDF.

What is DeftPDF? 

DeftPDF is a free PDF editor, converter, and translator software found online that allows you to manage your PDF for free. Since it is a web-based online software, it can be operated on any type of platform, including macOS, Windows, and Linux. It doesn’t need to be installed on the computer and there are no subscription requirements. The whole software has been made specifically for PDF management, including PDF editing, PDF converting of any file formats, merging, splitting, cropping, adding encryption, signing PDFs, and of course, translating PDF documents. With its user-friendly design, anyone can manage their PDF files easily.

Is DeftPDF software completely free?

DeftPDF translation tool can be used for free for the first 10000 characters but refreshes the limit per day. Using the tool with more words and characters will only charge users for $5 for the succeeding 10000 characters. DeftPDF’s converter and editor tools meanwhile are all free to use without any limits. 

Translating PDFs for free

It is easy to get started with DeftPDF, a tool that has been designed specifically for PDF management. When you open the software via browser, you will be able to select tools such as text editing, signing, converting file formats to and from PDF, splitting, merging, cropping, organizing, unlocking, translating, and more. Notable in the tools is the fact that it is all free to use and easy to understand. Using DeftPDF to translate documents can be accomplished in three quick steps.

Step one: Go to DeftPDF.com and open all tools from the menu bar. Select Translate PDF.

Step two: Upload your PDF file in the translate tool, pick the language your document is currently in and pick a language which you want it translated into.

Step three: Click the translate button to see the preview of the newly translated file and when you’re ready, click download to save the file on your computer.

The great thing about this PDF translator is the fact that it can actually be used for various types of files including DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, ODT, ODS, ODP, PDF, SRT, and TXT files.

Why is this better than downloaded software?

It is beneficial to use DeftPDF to manage your documents as this online tool will help you maximize the use of this format. To elaborate, here are five points that explains what you can do with the software:

    1. DeftPDF will help you for free. No subscriptions are required as they offer fees on the translation tool only and charges you with those exceeding 10000 characters.
    2. Their services don’t need you to install anything, allowing you to have more disk space on your computer and avoids malware from the usual installation of online downloads.


  • DeftPDF tools are fast and easy to use. Multiple things can be accomplished with this tool, including editing, converting from one format to another and translating doc or PDF files. 


  1. DeftPDF offers high-quality tools with outputs that provide a high level of accuracy. The tools try their best to keep the format of your document whilst converting, editing, or translating it.
  2. DeftPDF is not just a freemium tool, most of its tools are really free. Other than the translation tool, all others can be unlimitedly used and you can be assured that complex and multiple file processing can be done by the software without any hassle. It won’t require you to install or subscribe to the website. Just visit the URL and start using the tool! 

What other features does DeftPDF have?

DeftPDF is one of the best and free alternatives for PDF editing and converting files. However, what makes this software so unique is the fact that it has more tools available that can also be used for free. Some of those features are:

  • OCR tool allows you to run Optical Character Recognition on scanned files and documents. With this tool handy, you will be able to convert the image-only file into a machine-readable and editable document instantly.
  • DeftPDF offers annotation and signing off digital documents for free. It is the best choice when it comes to creating your digital signature as it can assist you in converting your actual handwriting on the screen.
  • The invoice generator within DeftPDF can allow you to create your own billing statement with ease. With a template readily available, all you need is to fill in details that would represent the company and the transaction. This would make it easy for businesses to transact digital documents.
  • Merging and splitting PDF is one of the many things you often need to do in a professional setting. Since this is not a feature readily available in most readers and computers, DeftPDF is making this available for free.

Aside from these, DeftPDF also provides features such as PDF protection (also known as encryption), PDF unlocker, reordering of pages, alternating and mixing, compression, adding watermark, adding bates numbering, cropping, deleting pages, converting to grayscale, adding header and footer, N-up printing, rotate, resize, and converting to various formats. These features come in handy whether it’s for home or professional needs and it’s all for free. Just go to the website and start using the tools!