Most businesses use the digital space for marketing their products or services. As a business owner, you need to be competitive to remain distinct. Fortunately, digital marketing can be utilized to have more opportunities online, regardless of other competitors. 

Since digital marketing is key to unlocking more opportunities for a company, it’s logical to hire the best digital marketing talents to offer the best job outcomes. Your marketing team might need specialists, such as search engine optimization (SEO) managers and video producers based on your company type.  

However, the challenge is to hire and attract digital marketing talents. Hence, you should know how to find your upper hand in recruitment. As such, there are some steps to take to recruit digital marketing talents successfully. If you’re wondering how you’ll successfully recruit your digital marketing talent, keep reading.

  • Use Labor Analytics

Because employees depend more on technology and do more of their work remotely, workforce planning has some changes that occur faster. As such, using labor market analytics and talent mapping tools can be ideal. They can allow you to keep up with new approaches to recruiting talents—emphasizing the idea of having the right skills rather than the candidate’s location.

Labor analytics allows you to have the needed data to get more information about the state of a given geography than in the past. This helps you to find top digital marketing talents. Likewise, it also enables you to have a diverse workforce. Moreover, it allows you to expand your company geographically based on accurate data concerning a workforce’s supply and demand.

Some services, such as Horsefly Analytics, offer this type of analytics for compiling talent data from around the globe. It can provide profiles from various sources, allowing you to be brighter and more strategic in your decisions concerning your workforce and recruitment.

  • Use Jobs Boards 

You can use job boards to hire digital marketing talent. These are search engines that post job openings. Businesses and recruiters use job boards to display vacant positions and look for resume databases. These can be an effective and affordable channel as they can ease the recruitment process by allowing many candidates to see your job posting while also providing a large talent pool.

There are other benefits to using job boards. These are:

  • This allows your recruitment team to concentrate on the company’s intended audience. Every job board has varying niches depending on the industry, location, experience level, etc. Recruiters can appropriately select specialized job boards to give them a better chance of hiring the candidates they want to become part of the company.
  • Suppose you’re unsatisfied with the quality and number of candidates that engage with your online job postings, or you’re frustrated with candidates you connect to by phone. In that case, job boards can assist in emphasizing your talent search. Additionally, it allows you to connect to a more substantial number of candidates from non-traditional sectors.

Likewise, there are some things to note when using job boards, such as:

  • Generate ideal job descriptions, such as using clear job titles.
  • Choose an ideal job board for your company. For example, use a popular or niche-specific job board.
  • Present your employer brand. You can either show your company story or your employees’ opinions of the company.
  • Source out resumes.

The information above are just some of the essential factors you can consider when using job boards.

  • Use Social Media

You can use social media to develop your employer brand, strengthen your culture, and connect with a new audience to find the right talent. According to a survey conducted by StandOut-CV, 73% of millennials claimed they found a job through social media platforms. Because of this, it makes sense to have a social media campaign for your recruitment marketing strategies, particularly if you want some top talents for your digital marketing team. 

Using social media platforms to recruit digital marketing talents has several benefits. For one, you can easily hover over different resumes posted by those who want to get employed or post your vacant digital marketing positions there. This strategy is high-speed as you’re targeting your audience in a platform where they mostly spend their time. At the same time, doing so would cost you less or, on some platforms, free of charge. 

Another way to use social media for recruitment is to encourage employees to share job openings. You can do this while enabling them to talk about their positive experiences in the company. This is so to spark the interest of potential candidates in your organization. You can also be active in social media groups and use hashtags to make your job openings visible to people wanting to be hired.

  • Hire A Recruitment Agency

You can hire a marketing recruitment agency that assesses creative talent and puts candidates in digital marketing jobs. They can be a valuable resource for your recruiting team, which is having challenges finding and hiring talent alone. 

There are many benefits to hiring a recruitment agency, including the following:

  • There’s a higher probability of meeting high-quality candidates with skills and expertise relevant to your company.
  • Some agencies put more emphasis on serving their clients. They can do the needed work even before you start compensating them. Likewise, if the recruitment agency fails to help you recruit a single individual, you don’t have to pay them for their efforts.
  • They can help you find ‘passive talents’ or those that aren’t actively searching for work and are difficult to find.
  • You can hire digital marketing talents with less time. These recruiters have the most up-to-date technology and business intelligence to find your ideal candidates. Also, they have a notable talent pool database, a network of connections, and access to costly systems that help them locate candidates with the right skills.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new employee for your digital marketing team, you must know how to find your strength in the recruitment process. Remember hiring and attracting digital marketing talents can be challenging. Fortunately, this article outlined some of the steps that you can take to find the right candidate successfully.