What started as a simple video-sharing platform has grown into a global powerhouse. YouTube has become the go-to platform for content creators and budding entrepreneurs. Its worldwide reach allows for maximum audience engagement; however, it can be a competitive environment with the number of creators growing yearly.

To successfully grow your YouTube community, there are a few tips and tricks you should know.

Create Consistent Content

To build a loyal following on any social media platform, regular communication and engagement with your audience are essential — your subscribers will begin to notice a pattern. They will actively seek out your posts if they know they’re being published on certain days of the week.

Consistency is a core component of growing a successful YouTube following. In the early days of your career, aim to post three to four times per week. Building a loyal following takes time, but it’s easier when potential subscribers have enough content to absorb — to get a clear sense of who you are and what your channel is all about.

Develop a Series

Turning a single view into a loyal subscriber often takes time and patience, depending on your channel’s content. To speed up the process, consider creating a video series. This prompts a one-time viewer to continue watching your content and follow the series to its end — encouraging them to subscribe to your narrative.

You’ll want to ensure your series surrounds a specific keyword to maximize your search engine results. Additionally, having a particular niche gives you a corner of the market that you can continue to build upon. Keep your content relevant and ensure an audience before you take the time to create a series.

Consider Branded Merchandise

Once you’ve established a small YouTube community, it’s essential to think of yourself as a brand — and successful brands are always looking at what’s next. For many content creators, branded merchandise is the natural step forward.

YouTubers like Azzyland have taken the opportunities they now have as a top vlogger and used their recognition to create their apparel line. Through the website, fans can shop for Azzyland merch and feel like they’re an even more significant part of her community.

Establishing a line of merchandise or accessories is a clear signal to your followers that you have necessary plans for your brand and your content — it creates an entrepreneurial narrative that offers significant possibilities as your follower count continues to grow.

Explore Video Collaborations

YouTube has several close-knit communities, which allows its vloggers to explore cross-promotion and collaborations. If your niche has other popular channels, consider reaching out to them to help build each other’s brand. Since the platform is about community, potential subscribers need to see creators interacting and supporting each other. If the opportunity is available, consider a combined giveaway that encourages viewers to engage with both channels to win their prize. In the end, it’s about fostering lasting relationships with fellow vloggers as well as your audience.