There has been a continuous increase in the number of robocalls coming up every day. Many telemarketing calls and scams are now hitting our phones more than has been the case in the past. All this is happening both during the day and in the night. Some people have been scammed. This is such a big bother in today’s world. Leave alone that, even the call itself is a bother and very much annoying. The Federal Communications Commission reports about 2.4 billion robocalls on a monthly basis. So, what can you do to stop this menace? Here are some of the options you got to stop those annoying calls.

1. Search for your Phone Number Online

To start with, establish where these callers are getting your number from. If you have not published it online through social media, used it on shopping sites or given it out to all the telemarketer callers reaching you, what other ways could these robocallers have used to get it? Google it and see whether it is online. It might not be against your other details but it could be there. Start addressing these issues first based on where you have found it.

2. Do Not Call Registry

Add your cell phone number to Do Not Call Registry if you haven’t done that already. Verify that you are on the list because you could have been delisted because of one reason or another. This is a step towards ending those calls but that alone doesn’t address the issue. It will only help you to keep legitimate companies from calling you. However, there are those who don’t care and would still call despite doing this registration. Should you get such calls even after doing the registration? Contact the (Federal Trade Commission) FTC and report the caller there. FTC will compile a report and issue fines to them. Otherwise, you can block the caller directly from your phone.

3. Block callers and those sending texts

If you are using an iPhone, tap the green icon on your phone’s home screen and choose “Recent” tab on the screen bottom. After that, tap the blue “I” for information adjacent to the phone number to be blocked. A screen will pop up with options and one of them will be “Block This Caller”. Tap on it and once the verification screen shows up, confirm the blocking. For most Android gadgets, you can block a number on the call log by long-pressing on it from the Android 6.0 version and choose block number option as provided in the pop-up menu. For older Android versions, go to settings and choose call blocking and then add the number you have identified for blocking.

4. Using Mobile Apps

Mobile applications such as reverse phone lookup app is of great help when it comes to blocking unwanted calls. With these types of apps, you can be assured of enough anti-spam screening services and make it possible for you to stop these annoying calls. There is some setup required especially with Nomorobo that works for iOS phones. Once you have installed this app on your phone, make sure you follow all the instructions in order to effectively benefit from the services offered through this platform.

Another great example to use is Truecaller, an app that works on Android, Windows Phone, and iPhones. The app relies on information from the users to identify scams. The moment the app finds out that a certain number is a scam or robocall, you will be alerted to the call screen hence no need to pick it. The website for this application says that information is obtained from a central database that gets continuously updated with new numbers from time to time. With Truecaller, you can get either a free or a paid subscription version.

The Bottom Line

Robocalls can be annoying but mainly, they can be dangerous and can get you scammed of your finances. For that reason, no one should entertain them. This is why there is a law governing such calls and therefore, you have a choice of adding your number to the Do Not Call Registry. However, there those lawbreakers who would still call you even after making that registration. That is why you need to invest in few other technologies to help you deal with these scammers. Anyone calling you even after registering your number to block calls should be reported to FTC. Otherwise, you can make use of mobile phone apps like Truecaller to block these robocalls.