Screen-printing is hitting an all-time high in demand.  More people want to have custom and unique designs on their clothing- to feed that demand; many are turning to open a screen printing company of their own.

Here are some steps you can take that will set your screen-printing company up for success.

Plan Products And Business

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out what your company produces and how.  Screen printing isn’t cut and dry; there are four different types of screen-printing: spot color, duo-tone, half-tone, and CMYK printing.  Each of these works well with specific kinds of designs, so go over every option and decide what’s best for you.

It’s better to start a company with fewer options, and then add on more when your products are successfully selling.  If, in the long term, you decide to add on more, you can- don’t go broke when building your company because of lofty goals.


Your budget ties in with planning products for your business.  Set a reasonable budget for yourself to make sure you won’t overspend.  Although it may feel tempting to buy everything you could ever need for your company at once, you need to be realistic.

If you need help with this, don’t be nervous about reaching out to professionals and other print shops about what’s vital for what you want to achieve.  Most successful screen-printing shops started as garage businesses with minimal supplies and raised their budgets as their business increased.

Software And Hardware

You’ll need design software, printing shop management software, and machines to complete the print.  Most of these machines average around $10,000 but come in a vast array of different features and designs.  To start your shop, you’ll need to set up an office space and workspace for yourself so that you can complete your customer’s orders.

Once you purchase these machines, you must upkeep them well.  Your business can only run, as well as your printing services.


Allow people to notice your screen-printing services.  Advertising, from email lists to twitter and Instagram, is incredibly easy in modern times.  On Instagram, it’s as cheap as a dollar a day to get thousands of eyes on your products.  Twitter is more expensive, and the return is lower, but it is a better platform for your company as a whole.

The best bet is to build an organic following through advertising, posting often, and getting to know your customers.

Customer Service

Keep up with your customers while your orders start rolling in.  They’re the literal life of your business, and can easily decide whether it thrives or dies.  Follow through with each order quickly, and with precision, and make sure to ship it out as soon as promised.

Offer discounts for bulk orders, and send out business cards with every single order.

Although your business is screen printing, your job as an owner is going to be a mix of customer service, manual labor, and book-keeping.