Fax has always been a preferred method for transmitting secret data. Yet, after the advancement in communication systems, it is thought to be an outdated solution. People are relying on smart devices but they still feel safe when exchanging documents using fax. 

Google Fax Free has resolved this matter by enlisting the most reliable solutions to fax using mobile phones or computers. Now you can discard fax machines and send faxes on the go. You can check out more details related to online fax services in the subsequent sections of this article. 

CocoFax, An Online Fax Solution

You can explore the blog posts at Google Fax Free to find details of free online fax. As Google Fax Free suggests, CocoFax has been leading the market of online fax service providers lately. With a million subscribers from all over the world, CocoFax is an efficient online fax service. You can send unlimited faxes online instead of arranging paper sheets.

There is no need to manage those big clunky fax machines anymore. Now you can move to a paperless fax environment by utilizing CocoFax. It is used over more than 190 countries and got a fine number of optimum reviews from its subscribers. 

Forbes, New York Times, Android Authority, CNET, and PCMag are one of those media outlets which recognized the reliable services of CocoFax. Now you can send unlimited to local and international numbers from any smart device with an active internet connection via CocoFax.

Turn your iPhone Into A Portable Fax Machine

Google Fax Free enlists details of services like fax via iPhone. For example, with CocoFax iPhone users can directly send faxes from their mobiles anywhere, anytime. Sticking to the work desk to make sure you don’t miss any not a problem as you have a portable fax machine all the time.

If you are wondering why you did not use this earlier then you should know that fax is not a built-in utility of iPhones. Modern communication devices deploy digital systems that are not used by traditional fax machines.  

CocoFax has made the trickiest job possible by offering secure fax transfer over the internet. It works as a mediator between iPhone and fax machines. All the documents are converted from analog signals into digital and vice versa. This resolves compatibility issues thus making fax transmission possible via iPhones.

Wireless Fax Service By CocoFax

CocoFax has resolved the interruption issues you used to deal with telephone lines when transferring a fax document. There is no need to get a telephone connection and request a Phone Company for a fax number. CocoFax has everything associated with fax. 

Faxes sent or received with CocoFax do not travel over guided media but they use wireless transmission mode. Documents you exchange with CocoFax are broadcasted over the internet. CocoFax keeps your confidential data safe from unauthorized users.

Transfer Faxes In Multiple Ways With CocoFax  

Most of the competitors are providing only one method to send and receive faxes online. However, CocoFax offers multiple reliable ways to fax anywhere in the world. You can choose one of the available methods as per your feasibility to transfer faxes online.

Now you can discard those multiple ink toners, enormous bundles of sheets, and massive fax machine. You can save hardware purchase and maintenance costs by using CocoFax. The paperless faxing launched by CocoFax has relieved millions of users worldwide.


. Send Fax From iPhone Using CocoFax Web-Based Solution


CocoFax offers a web-based solution for online faxing. You can open any internet browser from your iPhone or Mac and use CocoFax for a trouble-free fax experience. All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned stepwise guide to send online faxes.

Step 1:

Create a CocoFax account for free by clicking the Signup button. Set a complex password to your CocoFax account so that no one can guess it. After registering with CocoFax successfully, you will get a 30 days free trial and a dedicated free fax number.

Step 2:

Open the CocoFax dashboard and create a new fax. Enter the required details carefully in relevant fields. You can upload multiple documents to send them as a fax file. Rename your files by excluding special characters as it halts the fax transmission process.

You can also provide a link to files saved in the cloud and CocoFax will download them and upload them as an attachment. Enter the fax number of the receiver in the “To” field. Double-check the number you have entered to avoid any mistake. 

Step 3:

Send the fax after rechecking the data you have provided. CocoFax rings the receiver fax machine and converts your digital files into a Tiff document. You can track fax transmission from the CocoFax dashboard and check the fax delivery status on the go.

. Receive Fax To iPhone using CocoFax Web-Based Solution

CocoFax has made fax receiving an entirely automatic and effortless process. Just open your CocoFax dashboard and click the inbox folder from the right pane. CocoFax dashboard keeps a record of all received and sent faxes from your account along with timestamps.

. Email-To-Fax By CocoFax

CocoFax offers its users the feasibility to fax their documents directly from any email client. Either you are using Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo; CocoFax supports them all for email faxing. Here we have a brief guideline for you about how to use email-to-fax service of CocoFax.

Step 1:

Signup to your CocoFax account for the first time and get a 30 days free trial. You can also get a toll-free or vanity fax number without paying additional charges. Register your email account with CocoFax which you will use to send faces later one.

Step 2:

Open your email account and compose a new email as it will appear as a fax file at the receiver end. Enter the receiver’s fax number by adding “@cocofax.com” at its end. If someone’s fax number is 12345, then you will type it as [email protected] in the To field.

You can also provide a cover page to the documents by adding the related data in the body area. Moreover, you can also add the title to the documents by entering details in the Subject area. Supported file formats by email-to-fax service include png, doc, jpg, Xls, pdf.

Step 3:

Drag your mouse to the Send button and click it after making the user that you have entered the right information. CocoFax converts your files into a fax document and sends it to the receiver fax machine over the internet. You can check all sent faxes from your email account.

. Fax-To-Email By CocoFax

You can receive faxes directly to your email account using CocoFax. Open the inbox folder and all faxes sent to your fax number will be listed there along with sender details. You can download these files as CocoFax forwards them as an attachment to your email id.

Concluding Remarks

CocoFax enabled wireless faxing with its cutting-edge technology. You can use either the web-based solution or email-to-fax service of CocoFax to transfer faxes from your Email. CocoFax is an efficient online fax service offering secure transmission of documents.