Traffic sale is one of the rapidly growing in popularity online earnings. In some cases it is able to bring very good income in a short period of time. It is a process of redirecting traffic from one site to another resource. The scheme is simple: a site owner places the listed promotional tools on the resource leading to third-party resources. Visitors are automatically redirected to other sites when they click on ads.

How can one sell traffic?

Choose a strategy that best suits the features and needs of your resource, visitors’ preferences and activity or try  rtb advertising platform. Selling through:

Contextual advertising

Today, most of bloggers’ and webmasters’ income comes from traffic sale. And this is understandable: one need to create an “effective” working resource once, and then it remains only to enjoy the result.

This way includes monetizing the flow of visitors using PPC (Pay Per Click / Pay Per Click) and CPM (Cost-Per-Mille / Pay per thousand views)-  is company that provides different pricing models for advertiser and publisher

Specialized exchanges

In this case selling outbound links brings money. The amount of your income directly depends on the authority, popularity and attendance of the site. The more popular the site is, the higher payment is promised


A teaser is a bright and attractive picture on which the text is placed. The success directly depends on the quality of teasers: the picture is attractive, the title is well-chosen, the teaser is appropriate.


YouTube channel can also be used to sell traffic. One should make the appropriate settings in the media network and Google Adsence. Most often, advertising is pre-rolled. Actually, it is a different deep topic, so now we will not touch upon all the nuances. The meaning is simple: advertising material is shown before your videos / during them, and you get real money for that.


CPA means pay per action. It is not enough for advertiser that users simply follow some links. They are expected to take a useful action: buy a product / add it to the cart, register, subscribe to news, leave contacts and so on. To fulfill customers’ wishes is quite difficult, because sites’ owners can only indirectly affect the behavior of visitors. However, it is worth it: the commission for sales can reach up to 90%.

Selling to Direct Advertisers

If you have your own project, you have been working for many years at and have turned a small website into a real brand, then this variant is for you. Daily attendance must really high. Only in this case, we can talk about success. Having a promoted website, you can dictate the terms: how the payment will be made, how much it will be, the minimum amount of money and so on.