Selling online with ready-made themes becomes more and more popular. The number of supporting items grows, making more people want to use them in digital products’ creation. Online marketplaces are in demand nowadays. This post will tell you how to become an author in the TemplateMonster Marketplace and sell your items for profit. To say more, now theme developers can set the author-driven prices to generate more sales and revenue. 

Are you about to sell Shopify themes? Today we will provide you with all the instructions. But is it as simple and cool as promised? Let us check!

What Are The Commissions for Selling Shopify Themes Online

Let’s start with the most popular question. One of the most apparent advantages of joining the marketplace is that you can sell at TemplateMonster and other platforms. Unlike competitors, the company allows Shopify themes’ developers to upload their works on other marketplaces. 

However, exclusive products are always rewarded. That is why commission rates for theme developers start at 40% for vending a Shopify theme non-exclusively. Depending on the item, an author gets from 50% to 70% if they offer an exclusive product.

Author-Driven Prices

TemplateMonster recommends setting prices from $118 to $160 per Shopify theme. Please note that the price already includes the marketplace’s commission. The average cost for a new theme is nearly $140. 

The good news is that the marketplace set author-driven prices to make the partnership profit-making for both sides. Today, authors can indicate the price for a theme based on Shopify. You can set the recommended cost or the one you consider to be appropriate, just make sure your price starts from $29.

Getting Money for Vending Shopify Themes

It’s possible to withdraw money twice per month when working with the marketplace. Here is how the system works.

  • In case you request a withdrawal during the 10th and 24th days – TemplateMonster processes it on the 25th day of the month. You get the money during the 26th – 31st month days.
  • If you want to withdraw during the 25th and 9th days – they process the request on the 10th day. And you receive the payment for the Shopify theme on the 11th – 15th month days.

Another important detail authors should mind that the withdrawal amountdepends on the service. Please note:

  • It’s possible to receive payments starting from $100 if you use PayPal or Payoneer.
  • Funds withdrawal begins from $600 on the account balance for the Wire Transfer users.

What Do I Need to Do to Get Money?

Before getting money for your Shopify theme, you need to complete the next steps:

  • Check item requirements to make sure your product meets them.
  • Fill in the billing information to withdraw your money.
  • Provide a scan of a valid government-issued ID (like passport or driver license) to verify your account.

Once you’ve completed these steps and got the confirmation, start selling as many products as you have.

How To Set The Theme Price?

You are the one to decide how much money you expect to get for a specific product but… Most beginners are not sure what price to set. They are afraid it would be too high or too low, so here are a few tips to further your decision-making.

  • Analyzing the market. View Shopify products with the same features or design solutions you offer. It allows you to find an average price.
  • Define the difference. Take a look at the top-rated items to find the difference between them and your products. Think about it to decide if you are going to keep your item in line with best-sellers.
  • Thinking of the theme’s value. Now it’s time to consider how valuable the Shopify theme to sell is. How many features, templates, designs, and addons the pack contains? Is it suitable for multiple business niches? Are there any unique options and web design trends?
  • Your time and powers. How much time did you spend on working on the item? How hard was the process? Were there any spendings on the supporting tools, features, plugins, etc.?
  • Summerize. Now you know the sales stats, average prices, and the amount of money/powers you spent. Sum everything up, and don’t forget about your expectations to get the worthy revenue.


As you can see, anyone can become the TemplateMonster author when following the quality standards. Beginners can get here first sails, find a relevant audience, and get on a new level. At the same time, the marketplace is the right place for professional designers and developers. You can quickly make the brand recognizable with a 6-million audiences. Author-driven prices, higher cost for exclusive items, and the opportunity to add products to our best-sellers selections, and so much more! Account registration takes only a few clicks, so what are you waiting for?