If you are into photography, Lightroom must mean a lot to you. Standalone Lightroom was bliss until everything went on a subscription basis. 

However, if you closely look into Lightroom options, there is a lot you can get with a suitable plan. Not to mention the storage options. 

Well, of course, you’d want to prefer the standalone editing software rather than monthly or yearly plans. But here this out. 

After adopting the subscription, Lightroom features have numerous options offered for modification of images than before.

So it’s a win-win and more efficient than before. The key here is to choose the right plan for you. You have to only pay for what you use.  

By the end of this article, you’ll be pulling out your credit card to make the purchase. 

Choosing a Right Lightroom Plan to Edit Like a Pro

Depending on your editing requirements, you can either get a whole suite or a specific plan suitable. 


  • Photography Plan 1TB


If you are a hardcore editor, processing tons of images in a month, storage comes as a crucial concern.

1TB cloud storage is what you’ll find interesting. This particular plan comes as a package of Lightroom Desktop plus mobile, Photoshop desktop, and iPad. 

Adobe sparks and portfolio come additionally with the package. You can store 20,000 RAW files and around 200,000 JPEGs. That would be perfect for bulk editing.

Currently, you can buy a $14.99 per month plan or a 178.88/year plan to access this package.


  • Photography Plan 20Gb


It’s a mini and rather a wallet-friendly version of the above plan. You get everything as above, except the storage space would be 20GB.

Now, if your monthly editing requirements do not need much cloud storage, this plan would be sufficient for you. 

And the best part is, later you can upgrade the storage space as you need. 

Prefer a $9.99/month plan to understand your storage requirements. Then you can either upgrade or pay $119.88/year for the same plan.


  • All Apps Plan


All apps plan is rather suitable for professionals working in multiple domains of photography and videography. 

You get access to all desktop and smartphone apps by Adobe, along with 100GB cloud storage.

Of course, the plan is a bit more costly than the above two, but it unlocks the whole Adobe suite for you at $52.99 per month or 599.88/year. 

Working in a team of editors can be an additional benefit, then you can buy All Apps Plan for Teams for $79.99/month. Centralized collaboration and up to 1TB storage per account make it perfect for businesses. 

You can also integrate it with Slack, Microsoft team, or any other productivity app to manage your team.

The good news is, this plan, too, comes in a wallet-friendly version for students and universities. With a few limitations, all the above features are made available for $34.99/month by Adobe.

If you work in a team, go with the All Apps plan. Otherwise, the first two plans would be the best fit for you. 

Final Verdict – 

As a photography and videography editor, the discontinuation of standalone Lightroom is almost heartbreaking. Unless you purchase a suitable plan and try it to the maximum extent, you’ll realize that subscription plans offer optimized Lightroom with faster new features. 

It supports almost all types of cameras, and the team workflow balance would be comfortable with the centralized control.

So the bottom line is, there are still better ways to buy Lightroom. Besides, as a creator, the primary concern is having the latest version of the software. And you are most certainly going to get it from the above plans.