Okay, let’s admit it: many among you have been eagerly waiting for the launch of Apple iPhone 8! Finally, as it has launched, you all are planning to purchase the device, right? It’s somewhat a cool upgrade if you have been using Android OS before. Now that you have an iOS device with you, you can also enjoy those exclusive features and perks of being an Apple consumer. Nevertheless, no matter how excited you are, there lies one small problem — moving content from your previous Android phone to your new iPhone 8. If you’re thinking you can easily copy and paste content from Android to iPhone, you’re completely wrong!

Addressing the Issue of Moving from Android to iOS

The biggest problem is that Android and iOS have almost nothing in common. It’s like moving from a totally rural village to a metropolitan city. For instance, we can take the case of your messages and contacts. It isn’t going to be easy if you were planning to copy and paste these things — in fact, you can never copy messages using the traditional copy-paste methods. In other words, you’ll lose a lot of important things if you follow a traditional way of Android-to-iPhone transfer. This is exactly why you need a dedicated solution for moving content from Android device to your new iPhone 8.

Currently, one of the best products for this purpose is named iMobie AnyTrans, and we’re going to use that. Before we begin, we will give you a short introduction to this wonderful tool and how you can get the superb benefits out of it. And one of the most important reasons why we are recommending this tool is because its “iOS Mover” feature, which is used to do what we gonna talk about today, is totally FREE to use.

Our Solution — iMobie AnyTrans — Complete Content Transfer & Management

iMobie AnyTrans is not a simple tool for transferring content from Android to iOS. Rather, it’s a fully-fledged suite of utilities for iOS device management. You can use the program for managing your iOS device, taking care of content and multiple device management. You can easily transfer data between multiple iOS devices if you’re interested. In this scenario, however, we are using the iOS Mover feature of iMobie AnyTrans. This feature is supposed to help you migrate content from an old Android device to a new iPhone or iPad.

What All Content You Can Move from Android to iOS?

If you are wondering which types of data you will be able to transfer, here is an elaborate list. Connecting an iOS device and Android device to your Mac/PC, you can transfer the following types of data. This is so better than the Move to iOS app you will find on Play Store

  • Messages and Call Logs
  • Photos and Videos
  • Contacts
  • Music
  • Downloaded Videos or Imported Videos
  • Ringtones and PDF/epub eBooks
  • Calendar Entries and Documents
  • Files, including Compressed ones.

The best part is that you can decide what all files you need and what you don’t. That is, if you need to move just a few particular messages, you can select and do that. The same option is available in case of files, docs and even calendar entries.

Shall we now see how you can seamlessly move from Android device to iPhone?

So, how to Seamlessly Move from Android Device to iPhone?

You just have to follow the steps we’ve covered below to seamlessly transfer content from your old Android to iOS device.

Step One

Download iMobie AnyTrans from the official website and install it in your Mac or PC. It has a simple process of installation, which will be done in a minute.

Once the installation is done, you can launch the program. You will see an image like the following one.

Step Two

Now you can connect both your devices — the old Android device and your new iPhone. You can connect 2 of them via USB. iMobie AnyTrans will instantly detect the devices and show you the options.

As you can see, there are three options. You can choose Content to iOS mode, where data will be migrated to the connected iPhone from the other device.

Step Three

In this step, you can select the content you need to copy. There are a bunch of things you can, including Files and Personal data. Select the ones you need and hit the ‘Next’ button.

Step Four

Now, wait for iMobie AnyTrans to do the copying between your Android device and the iPhone. Depending on the type of data you have selected, it may take a few minutes or more.

Once everything has been completed, you can see the Successful message on the screen. It means that your data has been brought to the new iPhone, without any damage being done.

The Final Word

So, this is how you can seamlessly move content from your Android phone to an iOS device. It’s simple but incredibly effective. While you don’t miss even a small bit of data, the process gives enough freedom too. It all works perfect, thanks to the ultimate compatibility and strong build of iMobie AnyTrans. Needless to say, this is way better than the official Move to iOS app from Apple.